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My mum sent me a package from Montreal. Inside there were gifts from Argentina: a table cloth from my aunt Inés, and a little summer dress from her (too short, but am I allowed to tell her?)… and my dad who spent a week in Mtl before going back to work sent me a CD of a soprano coloratura that I’d never heard before: Mado Robin. She was a phenomena at the same time as the Callas… with a very high voice (D & I prefer medium-low voices)…

I just came from work, missed the bus, had to take the next one, walked,waited 20 minutes without knowing if I was on time (my watch died today)… Then my bag decided to throw up when I was going out from the bus and had to walk in the snow with that f*****g open bag !! Well that’s life, uh!

Now I’m home and so happy to be here with my darling (mon trésor!) who cooked supper while I was under the shower (it was only pasta, mind you, but who cares? Good enough for me!!)

*I was confused all day.

I am teaching every day of the week, and now that it’s snowing, snowing, snowing… I cannot go with the bike, I have to take the bus, and here (in this town) it’s a real pain in the ass!! No surprise that everybody drives a car!

Beside this, all is fine. I won’t complain to be working. And I really love teaching! What a wonderful thing it is to be sharing your knowledge… and I make a big effort not to do the mistakes of formers teachers I had… I really want to prepare and share interesting lessons with my students: I want them to stay awake!!

It’s hard to transform myself directly from a student to a teacher!

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