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Malok-the-cat had been with us for 5 years. We adopted him in Ontario when he was a couple of months old.

First, he met Lily-the-bunny until she moved to the country.
Then we introduced him to Mikah-the-cat, another companion that left us for another family.

When we moved to Saskatchewan with our infant twins, he was with us. When we moved back to Ontario, he came back with us. So, although moving a cat overseas is an additional set of paperwork, money, and yes TROUBLE, we did it all. He was part of the family, he had to come with us.

In the big plane from YYZ to GRU, we had a reservation for him in the cabin with us. We hoped that he would fly in the luggage compartment to make our life easier (have you thought of carrying 2 sleepy children, 1 infant and 1 cat around the airport?), but apparently there is an embargo for pets during the summer months: They have to fly in the cabin or Cargo. So, cabin it was. The week prior to flying D made sure all the paperwork (veterinary check-up, vaccinations, Canadian food inspection agency clearance) was ready. While we were waiting for check-in, we were reprimanded by a stewardess because our cat cage was solid. So while D was waiting with our 2 fully charged carts and the twins, I ran (with Uriel on the baby-carrier) to the only luggage store and bought an overpriced soft-sided cage…

Thank God our flight went well.

Arriving in Brazil, customs didn’t even check the paperwork for the cat. Actually NOBODY ever did. 🙄

Malok had a pleasant stay at the in-laws. He even met Layla-the-dog. When we found out we were moving to Rondônia, we had some doubts as to how he would come with us. When we made plane reservations, the only company that flies to our small airport allows pets on board but doesn’t take reservations! It works on a first come first serve basis! How ridiculous stupid is that? (Never fly with TRIP guys!) We decided that we would show up at the airport with father-in-law so that in case Malok couldn’t fly, he could go back to their house. The agent at check-in let us pass without a problem. We were so happy! Then we said our good-byes. An hour later while we were waiting to embark, our name was called. Our pet wouldn’t be allowed in this flight after all. We had to wait for another one later in the evening… Problem solved after a miserable day between the airport, a hotel, babies crying, diaper changing, empty bottles, etc.

So, after all the difficulties to have Malok come with us, he disappeared 2 days after we arrived. 😥

We had to stay a few days at the house of new friends until renovations in our house were done. Since there was already a small cat there, the children and we were already sleeping all in the same room with the fans working and open windows (it’s hot here), D thought it best to bring him to the empty house. Malok somehow found a way to escape. We don’t know how he managed. He’s never lived outside. He must be so disoriented. D spoke to some neighbors, gave an announcement at church, left a description at the local radio station, we shared his picture on Facebook. Nothing.

I have knots in my stomach each time I look at these pictures.

Please come back.

After about 40 days in Brazil, living in “transit” at the in-laws, I can finally announce that our final destination won’t be in the south of Brazil as we imagined. Sadly, we won’t be living at driving distance from the Brazilian grandparents, neither close to my Argentinian relatives. On the other hand, for me who wanted sunshine and tropical fruits I will be served! Moreover growing up in a house in a mid-sized town will probably be better for the children and my sanity rather than finding ourselves stuck in an apartment in the largest metropolis of South America (São Paulo – population 11 million – was considered a possibility at some point… Let’s admit I was a bit scared).

We will be moving soon to the fourth-largest city (population of about 80’000) in the state of Rondônia. Some more plane rides from the state of São Paulo to A Capital do Café.

Our last day in Ontario was very busy, to say the least.

This pictures is already one year old. We left the well-used double stroller behind.

The movers came and left in the morning. While keeping the children happy, I thought I would have time to empty the kitchen cupboards of all the spices that would have to be thrown away, give to a neighbor the unopened bag of milk and yogurt. Instead, the time went by in a blur. I somehow managed to get the luggage, cat and kids ready before the airport shuttle arrived, but left the apartment in a mess. I can still see the vacuum cleaner lying in the middle of a bedroom and my favorite (unopened) yogurt in the fridge. We arrived at the airport in good time. Though -Can you believe it?- after months of no rain, the driest summer in Ontario in a long time, it started raining as we unloaded our stuff at the departure terminal… Rain that became thunderstorm as we sat waiting to board our plane that would bring us to the new chapter of our lives (2-hours delay).

Our luggage arrived soaked, the kids hysterical, the cat ignoring us (grumpy), and us exhausted but happy. Emotional arrival at the São Paulo airport. Grandparents seeing their grandchildren for the first time. Happy tears everyone.

This flower, the “bird of paradise” (very expensive in Canadian flower shops) grows like grass over here in Brazil. I see it everywhere in the public gardens when we walk to the park with the kids.

De todo un poco

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