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Once again we had a very busy week-end. It’s the last stretch  before taking off and I’m glad because when I’m tired I get depressed, and when I’m depressed I cry, and crying is tiring! 🙄

On Saturday, with a friend who is a voice teacher too, we organized a recital for our students. We did it in the party room of her apartment building. She moved her digital piano downstairs all by herself (she is a strong cookie! eh eh), I typed the program, brought the balloons, and munchies for afterwards while she took care of the juices… I was so nervous the whole morning thinking about my students, hoping that they wouldn’t screw up too much. Every year is the same thing, I think to myself that the recital is “only for my students”, but at the end I feel judged by the parents too! If the kids make mistakes, I am the one being blamed for! Of course, this might only be in my head… Maybe not.

Now I’d like to complain some more. My students. Every year I have to tell them that it’s a recital. One should be kind of dressed up. No big deal, they are not attending a 4 stars evening in a luxurious hotel, but they are standing up in front of people and presenting themselves  and  their work! COME  ON. I am not a “clothes freak”, as far as I know, but there is a minimum of common sense. Don’t show up at your recital wearing sneakers and jeans as if you were going to a football game.

Another (talented) student “forgot” to bring her music (she hadn’t memorized it either). She ended up playing something else. 😯

Besides all of the above, everything went smoothly. I’m glad we do this once a year. Maybe if we would do it more often, I wouldn’t freak out as much? (Yeah right). 😀

While I was dying from second hand stress, D was helping some friends to move (together with some other friends from the seminary). When all was done, I joined them for a BBQ. The weather was nice but very windy and it was getting cold towards the end.

Then Sunday was the retirement service for our pastor who has served in the ministry for 40 years! We attended the regular Sunday morning service, then the “special” service in the afternoon…

Needless to say that I haven’t had time to rest much…

No me gusta mucho tomar cerveza, tiene un gusto un poco amargo que me cae mal. Pero, un poco como para el café, me encanta el perfume que da a los alimentos. Las crèpes à la bière que se hacen en Francia son una delicia, livianas y perfumadas… Hmm.

Les cuento que nací en una ciudad argentina adonde hacen un cerveza bien conocida en todo el país: Quilmes.

No sé si esta buena, la probé hace muchissimo tiempo y no sé nada de cerveza… Pero las publicidades (hay muchas en YouTube) son muy divertidas!

“Ay que romantico, no se ve nada!” 😆

(nota tambien como el pibe pronuncia “escargot” – en francés no se pronuncia el “t” final!) 🙂 Que risa!

There is no spring in Canada. Every year I am surprised, but every year it’s the same. From a day to another I can’t bear wearing long sleeves anymore!

As the temperatures were around 20°C this week, I happily started biking again to go to work. Funnily the temperature were about the same in Buenos-Aires and Sao Paulo. 😎

Sadly I somehow caught a cold (again!) that makes me cough as if I was spitting out my lungs, rather than releasing them of some stupid irritating mucus or whatever is in there… It’s the third time this year! I hate it. As if the Winter was nagging me… 😐

This morning there was an event at the seminary, but I decided not to go and rest at home instead… Now blogging while listening to MPB FM online (the radio of Musica Popular Brasileira). Saturday is the only day when I can sleep in and have nothing planned. Usually we host the Bible study and have friends over, but I canceled that as well. I’m just tired and counting the days to our vacations: the first “real” vacations we have together since we are… together! I hope we won’t wait 5 more years to have another one! Hopefully we will afford traveling more often in the future.

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