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Hard to believe that Uriel is already more than three months old. He is growing cheeks and I can’t help kissing them. The twins are smiling huge grins whenever I come close to them with their baby brother in my arms. They approach hesitating with a finger ready to poke him… Then they try to pull a leg of the funny creature that their mama is holding. They haven’t decided if it’s a new toy or a cousin of the cat. 😉

As you might imagine, my days are quite busy. We’ve had a very mild winter this year, which means no snow but unending grayish weather. The upside is that I managed to squeeze a walk every couple of days or so to the park, pushing the twins in the double stroller and carrying Uriel in the baby-carrier. We are quite a sight, I’m sure.

I’m anxious to loose more weight. After the initial 10kg lost in the first weeks after Uriel was born, I’ve hit a plateau and can’t find a way to keep loosing more. I know that I should take it one kilo at a time, but right now I only see the huge 25kg that separates me from my ideal weight. I didn’t know it then, but I was slender… once. There are bags full of clothes in the basement waiting for me to be back to my original silhouette.

D and I are looking forward to the end of his studies. Only a couple of months left before the end of this very long “waiting period” of our lives. I keep hoping and praying to have a “Call” (church placement) in Brazil. I’d rather be poor under the sun, than richer in a country which has a very depressing season half of the year. I wasn’t born to live in semi-darkness.

Here is a very happy baby, unfazed by his mama’s gloomy mood.

Oh, and look here are two other happy faces!

Guess I should learn from my boys, uh.

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