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You might have noticed that I don’t write much here anymore. I could blame it on Facebook or on the “lack of time”, but it wouldn’t be true. Everybody knows that if you really want to do something, there is always time to do it (before or after brushing your teeth). And anyway, I don’t have my day job anymore (I got laid off last month), so time I do have (though I’m far from getting bored what with all the things I like to do: reading, music, teaching music, sewing).

Did I mention that I did not like working in an office? Yeah. I was sorry at first because a job is a job, and the money was pretty good, but after all “all things happen for a reason”… There are things waiting to happen this year. Lots of changes. Change is good.

I’ve decided to leave this blog behind for now. I will probably leave my breadcrumbs (like Hänsel und Gretel) around here if I decide to tell my life again to the world wide web…

Tschüss! Ciao! Bye!

I think it’s highly time for me to leave some sort of update over here. The winter is gray and cold over here, but I am being hyperactive this days to fight over my winter blues. It’s terrible: by 17:00 night is upon us like the dawn of doom and the only thing I feel like doing is curl up in my bed and die sleep. So depressing.


  • I’ve started teaching French again to a small group of 4 kids! It’s so fun. I love teaching. 🙂
  • And THEN I’ve got a call from a girl (about my age) who wanted… German lessons! So now I’m teaching German as well. This was the weirdest thing because I never imagined I would teach German, even beginner’s, one day. She is a singer too, so we get along quite well talking about opera, translation of lyrics, pronounciation, shape of the mouth, placement of the sound, etc. Fun, fun, fun. 😀
  • Did I tell that I am helping a friend doing her translation homework (En>Fr)? Yup, that’s really fun too. I will definitely study translation one day, when I have more time and money. Actually I was about to start this year if it wasn’t for the $ problem. 🙄
  • I finally joined the choir at church (for years I couldn’t because of conflicting schedules).
  • And to finish this beautiful list, I’ve been granted 3 weeks of vacation in June! I’d asked for 4 weeks, but they said it was too long considering the summer is so short. I kind of get their point, but considering that they don’t pay me when I’m off, I thought they would appreciate to be rid of me for the longest period of time. Still, I’m not complaining! A lot of people don’t even take that much yearly vacation (even not paid) in North America. Sad but true. 

We are going to spend time in France visiting family and friends that I haven’t seen for 6 years. Hard to believe that I haven’t been in Europe for that long. I will introduce D (first time for him!) to people who’ve known me as a kid, and I will show him the town where I grew up. :mrgreen:

It’s been snowing non-stop since around 08:00 this morning. Spent 15 minutes cleaning the car before driving to work at turtle speed to be told, once at the office, that we were closing for the day! 🙄

So far, spent the day reading in bed and wearing pajamas.

Yeepee! :mrgreen:

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Ice on my window.

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