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Our twins were born Sunday, May 16, around 7 pm (20 minutes apart)!

Meet the most beautiful babies in the world:

Elias & Natanael

The labor was very fast (6 hours) although it would have been faster, I’m sure, if I didn’t have to take the epidural… I won’t go into the details but I’m still of the opinion that under certain circumstances pain is necessary to do the things the way there are meant to be done. I’m still immensely grateful to have avoided the c-section, this way I’ll hopefully have the opportunity to have a natural birth with our next child… Unless we have another set of twins! ha ha

Just a little something, a little “hello” to say that all is well and that this summer we will be moving to… Saskatchewan!

A year living in the middle of Canada, a province that we don’t know, a small town in the middle of nowhere, fresh air, 2 brand new babies, a house just for us… Let the adventure begin!!!

Oh, and the babies are still in my belly, but not for long (I hope and pray).

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