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Hellooooo! 😀

Haaaa, I’m so glad! Many reasons, here is why:

First and above all, we found an apartment!! Yeay! The place is very close to one of the school where I work, in a quiet neighborhood. I’ll be able to WALK to my job. Then the building is a real apartment building, thus meaning, well divided with a laundry room downstairs and a parking lot behind. The rent is slightly more expensive, BUT:

  1. NO MORE going down in the street with two bags full of dirty (and smelly) clothes!
  2. NO MORE biking 45 minutes up the hill after work at night!
  3. NO MORE carrying the bike up (and down) the 2 stories (we’ll be on the half first floor)

I was so glad when D signed the rental agreement that I was jumping all around the place!

I do have other little reasons to be happy. Tomorrow being the first of July, it’s Canada day. It means that D and I will have a 3 day week-end 🙂 We cannot afford having real holidays, going in some exotic, foreign, new place together, so for now long week-ends are the best we can get! (even if it means not being paid for what could have been a working day…)

Also, Sunday we are having friends (David and Adria) coming over for lunch after the service. I’m so glad because they have been so kind since we met them. Over the past year, we have been struggling financially, didn’t know anyone here, didn’t know where to look for a job. etc… and they both helped us in any little way they could. They invited us a couple of times at their place, and at David’s parent’s place once too. I wanted to return the invite, but never found the opportunity. First, hubby and I were eating on a tiny coffee table, no room for four… Then, we had no time because both working in different schedules, and… I don’t know what else. It sounds to me as if I’m trying to make excuses… But I did feel guilty for so long! Now I’ll have to show the best of my cooking skills 😉

Tuesday, as usual, I was biking to work. I was on the sidewalk (the road at that point is too busy with fast cars and trucks), the weather was perfect: sunny with a bit of wind. There is also a danger on the sidewalk, though, some people just walk looking at their shoes and don’t realize they are not walking strait, some others are walking with friends and when a bike is coming, instead of going all in the same side, they don’t know where to go so they move but I still cannot pass…

Anyway, on my way there is a nice flower shop, in front of it a parking lot for the costumers, and on the side a fence with bushes, so you cannot see who’s coming from the right side when you are on the sidewalk. Not that there is anything to be careful of, it’s a parking lot, right. Wrong! Tuesday afternoon, at around quarter to four, two boys had decided to have fun and bike VERY FAST in the parking lot. I had seen one of them, but the second one was going along the bushes. Stupid guy. 😡

I didn’t see him, he didn’t see me, and at the speed he must have been going he went right against me! Next thing I know is that I’m face down on the sidewalk. I hear the boy crying loud and I think, “My hand is bleeding, but I’m ok, what does he have?” So I turn around to look at him. He stops crying. “Little bugger, he is acting”, I think. “Are you alright?”, he asks. Then I start telling him to look where he is going when he bikes, going so fast is very dangerous…blah, blah… I had not seen my bike yet, but the boy saw it before me, must have been scared by its state, took his bike and took off! 😯

My right hand was bleeding, and the front wheel of my bike was (still is) completely twisted, so I couldn’t go on directly to my job like that. I entered the flower shop where the lady was very nice, I could wash my hands, she gave me a plaster, and I called the school to say that I was going to be late for my first student. I left my bike on the side of the shop and walked to my job. The rest of the day went on, of course I had to explain my dirty shirt to every single one of my student, but besides all “normal” if I can say so.

Bev is the lady, friend, co-worker, who gives me a ride whenever I need one after work. That day I needed one, of course, and she was so kind as to even ask me if I wanted to pick up my bike on the way! So we did (she has a van).

We were getting to my street, she slows down for a stop, and then. NOTHING. The car couldn’t start again! She had to call CAA to be towed… So I had to walk, and somehow carry my bike, the few last blocks home. It took an eternity. The first phone booth I saw, I stopped and called my hubby. He was there in a few seconds and carried the bike to the building, up the stairs and everything.

I feel sore. I don’t know why (yeah, right). 🙄

a·part·ment n. A room or suite of rooms designed as a residence and generally located in a building occupied by more than one household.
[French appartement, from Italian appartamento, from appartare= to separate, from a parte= apart (from Latin ad-. See ad-)= parte, side (from Latin pars, part-. ).]

I had to check the spelling in dictionary.com because I never knew, before today, when I have to spell it with one p and when is it double p… Anyway now I know and it does suddenly make sense that an apartment is to put aside, apart.

Ok, so for the news, I was busy this week because apart (see how often I can use this new word now) from working as usual, I was looking for a place to live. I’m fed up, fed up, fed up, to bike so much everyday to go to and from work, to carry the bike upstairs everyday (2 floors)… In all, I can’t wait to be moving in a better place, closer to my jobs. Saturday is usually the day when D and I are taking a beak from pedaling, but today we had appointments to visit 3 different apartments. *sigh* There is one we both liked, I just hope nothing will come in between us and the landlord, because I really, really, really would like to move there as soon as possible! Pray for us.

And to finish for today’s post, what am I listening to? Radio Italia.

The web is magic!

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