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D and I have been talking about where we would like to live: the pro and cons of being in Canada, what we liked and didn’t like about Montreal, the crappy-too-humid weather in here (Niagara region), the mess in a big city like Sao Paulo in Brazil, and finally the good and cheap cheese if you live in France (not to mention the wine, the educated people, the fact of being in Europe with a very good train transit between the countries, and the advantage of knowing as many languages as we do)… Where will we end up?

This is all talking in the air, we have no idea where the Lord will call us to be working. I’d like to see some place new (a bit of Asia? a bit more West? What about the rockies, Vancouver, San Francisco?), but on another end I’d like to settle down, grow fruit trees and flowers, play the piano and sing in my own little house with a big garden…

When? Oh, when and where Lord?

1) My friend Adria is leaving with her husband for one year because he is doing an exchange program (with a scholarship) to Cambridge, England. She asked me if I was interested in taking care of her keyboard! Yessssss, please!

2) What I thought to be a bad new turned out to be a good one. My 2 best voice students (they are sisters) decided to stop lessons! I couldn’t believe my ears when my boss called me to tell that. The reason was that although the girls adore me, and learned so much from me, they decided to take a break from music lessons. I was puzzled because it didn’t make sense to me. They had apparently showed up at the school to give me a gift (which was on my desk the day after). It was all very heart breaking, the gift was a cute wall plaque saying: “Teachers live forever in the hearts they touch”. I didn’t know what to think or do, I was sure there was another reason (I think the mum is a single mum, and raising her 2 girls by herself. I admire her). So I left a message and the oldest girl called back (so sweet). I talked to her and her mum. They told me that the youngest lost interest in voice lessons, and the other one is trying out another and cheaper school… I KNEW IT!

So I told the mum that I could teach her at home on my own, for a much better price than any other school (and also good for me!).

That’s how I’m going to teach my first student privately at home. And I don’t feel guilty to “steal” student from the schools since they were leaving anyway.

Thanks God, HE is watching over me (it’s a song too, I think).

This is an email I sent to Lauren in answer to her last comment, before The Miracle:

“(…) If I worry this days, it’s because it’s sometimes hard to trust in God when you see that his own people are not doing what they are suppose to do. I explain.

D and I came here because we are convinced that D’s calling is to become a pastor. When we were in Montreal, both studying opera, it became obvious that
we were in the wrong track. What we were doing became not as important anymore (practices, rehearsals, concerts…)

One year before moving here, D applied to the seminary, sending the letter of recommendation from our pastor, letters from friends of the church we were
going to, as well as his transcripts from the Conservatory. He had stopped studying there for lack of motivation and money… but what the heck if the
will of God is stronger than the will of men anyway, right?!

During this one year, he worked full-time and I finished my bachelor’s degree. We were waiting for a letter of acceptation, but nothing came except the “Lutheran friendship” newsletter… We were wondering if that was the way they do things here, we told our pastor who said “not to worry about details”. So, not having any positive answer, but none negative either, we moved here…

When we arrived, we had found an apartment, yes, but none of us had a job, we didn’t know where to look for one, it was hard. We introduced ourselves to the (then) president of the seminary who didn’t know what to do… Apparently, to study full-time at the seminary, one has to have a bachelor’s degree, there is no other option. Why didn’t say anything BEFORE?!?

Now we are both working full-time, because my salary is far from being enough for us both. If he stops working, he won’t have the money to study. If he keeps working, he won’t have time (and energy) to study. The solution would be that I find a day-time job, but there is none I can think of, or start teaching at home, but where and how will I find the students?

And then, my reason for crying and getting mad (sometimes) is that I love teaching, but the schools that employ me take more than 50% of commission from what the students/parents pay. This is, in my opinion, too much for the service they give ME. Yes, there is the rent of the building, facilities and publicity, but the desk service is so poor that I am the one taking care of my schedule, making phone calls and arranging missed/make up lessons…

There we go, I said it all. I think =)

Of course, once in a while I freak out… but at the end, there is nothing more I can do, really. And sooner or later (it might take years), D will be ordained pastor and we will be serving the Almighty all of our lives. Everything that happens has a reason, maybe God wanted us to see how it works: that the seminary gives more importance to the academics (men’s recognition) than in what God’s will for his
servant is…

It sucks though.


What I didn’t tell is that the solution for me getting better financially is either find an additional day-time job, or teach at home (which I would prefer). BUT.

1) I don’t know how to make myself known (except stealing students from the schools, which I’m too nice to do)
2) My actual keyboard is total shit and a new one (even second-hand) is too expensive.

De todo un poco

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