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It seems that Saturday is the only day that I get the leisure of writing in this blog. I like reading in other people’s blogs though, I enjoy discovering what’s going on in other people’s lives: what they are thinking and what’s going on in the city/country where they live. The problem with me is that:

There is nothing going on in this town. The only recreation we have when we don’t work is either going to the mall/shopping center, go to the movies, or rent movies. Ah, and I almost forgot, although it’s my only favorite thing, spend hours at the Public Library (the only free stuff to do). And risk your life to have a biking trip. Well, what I mean is that it’s boring because I’d like to have the option to walk, walk, walk (in a nice place), or go to a cheap (but nice) concert (“classical”-type concert, not “bar”-like one), or visit a museum. The great news is that I have an appointment at the French Consulate in Toronto for the 5th of April, meaning that I’m taking a day off from work, office & students, to go visit the city! Yeay! (it’s only one hour and a half away with the bus, and a little less than $30 per person, two-ways… Once I’ll have done it for the first time, it might give me the idea of doing it more!) 😉

My life is too hectic to write about. I don’t have time this days to sit down and observe, meditate about what going on. That’s gonna get a bit better: next week is my last at the OC. The week after, I will officially be starting driving lessons on the evenings when I use to teach (Tuesday & Thursday).

At the moment I don’t like Canada enough to be enthusiastic about it: Ah! The culture and sense of honor of the Europeans!… ha ha, I never thought I would ever say that one day.


Posted on: Viernes 17 marzo 2006

Everything was going well: it’s Friday, the weather has been sunny (but cold) during the past few days, I started biking and walking again, the French consulate called me (with French accent and all)… but then I got all grumpy at the end of the day, I’m tired, D was at a prayer meeting which I couldn’t attend because of work, and then I read about the student’s manifestation in France and it got me mad at stupid people.

I want to live in a deserted island.

More update hopefully tomorrow (whenever I get “higher spirits”). Moody me. 😦


Posted on: Sábado 11 marzo 2006

Handing out my resignation letter at the Conservatory wasn’t a big deal. I was half expecting to see long faces or having to explain my decision, but nothing of all this. Finally the indifference is a constancy in that school! I don’t understand how they have kept being on business for so long. I’ve told a couple of my students that I won’t teaching them next month, someone should be replacing me, the students who are serious and that I’d like to keep teaching at home already have my business card. I’m all set for this next adventure! More exited than scared!

Also, I’ve registered with a driving school to start classes next month. I will finally get that license. My dad is the one who insisted a couple of years ago for me to get the apprentice driver’s license in Montreal. Then when it was time for me to get the real thing, he was telling to everybody who could hear him that I would make a terrible driver because I daydream too much, sing when I drive instead of concentrating (since when can’t we do both?) ;-). Anyway, the true reason behind his actions was that he didn’t want to pay for a driving school. Same old story as when he realized that University in North America is not as cheap as in Europe… He is the one who wanted the whole family to cross the ocean, and he didn’t want to live with the consequences!

Anyway, I know I shouldn’t say such things. I like to think that it all happened for a reason. Besides, I’m happy now with my darling! 😉

We walked to the public library today. The weather was beautiful, it smelled like spring at every corner. I took a couple of pictures, they will come up soon (if they are worth it). I also had my first parking driving practice, but after an hour I was fed up of knocking, scratching and rolling over imaginary cars in the empty parking lot. hee hee

Now we are safely home, listening to very different styles of music from Cds that I borrowed at the library: Charles Trenet (French chanson singer), Khaled (Raï), Ibrahim Ferrer (Cuban salsa), and much more.

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