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Today in Montreal… Spring seems to be here, finally, but nobody knows how it is going to be tomorrow. Tomorrow is Holy Friday, D is working, but we’ll go to church as soon as he gets back home. This is the most important moment of the day for me: HE IS HOME. I love him so much that the whole day long I am waiting for him to come back… and I often get bored if I think too much on this issue!

We now know which day we are moving: it will be 14th of May (a Friday). I am sure it will be quite a “rock-and-roll” day!! The movers are coming very early in the morning, I told them to come as soon as they can. Then we hope (let say: “I would like”) to catch the train at noon, but if we can’t make it, we will travel by night.

The moving from Montreal to St.Cat is my first long-distance moving by myself, and the really first travel with my husband: I really would like to be able to see the landscape!! But I am aware that we will already be happy: just be together makes us the happiest and loveliest couple in the world!

Hummm. Starting up an online diary has been a long thinking-through process.

First, I hesitated because I have been writing my diary on paper for sooo looong; but I also realized that I am using so much the computer now. Also, D and I were joking lately thinking –what would we take first if the building we live in gets on fire?? –I realized that my diaries would be lost… and only my stuff on internet has a small chance to disappear one day.

The second issue I had to think about is: Which language?
Until now my diaries were all in French: the first language I learned to read and write at school. Sometimes though I would write down my prayers in Spanish, because I used to go to a Spanish-speaking church, and also when I went to visit family in Argentina this was the language I was surrounded by. Same thing when I traveled to Germany or Italy: I always tried to speak, think and write in the language that I was hearing around me.

For the moment, we are still living in Quebec, surrounded by French-speaking people, but not for long!! Soon we will be living in Ontario!

I want to thank God already for all He has done for us. The most important thing in my life: My husband and our love. Without God love doesn’t exist and He is the one who created us and joined us! Thank you. I said ‘already’ because I was also thinking about the moving: I think we really got the cheapest movers !
And even if I sometimes worry, I also know that the Almighty will always provide us anything we need… We will never miss anything, HE promised. Amen.

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