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A few days ago I bought a CD called “Stevie Wonder, the ultimate collection“, or something like that. He’s the guy who use to sing You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, and I Just Called To Say I Love You back in the early 80’s… Great songs to get into a good mood, sunshine!, I sing them in the morning, thinking of my husband, and it’s just great.

Anyhow, today I called a very good, French, friend. Her name is Magali. Mag and I were good friends during the 2 or 3 last years when I was in France, in our teenage years, but we also have a history of visiting each other across the Atlantic: she spent a month in Montreal one summer, and I joined her for 10 days in Italy. All this to say that we obviously don’t see each other very often, but when we do, or when we talk to each other on the phone, our friendship is very alive! I bought a $5 dollars card to phone her, it allows me something like 300 minutes (!). and we spent it all!! Amazing. I usually don’t like the phone, but for this quality time, it IS worth it! I’m not a big talker either, but between us it seems we always have things to say: my darling, our studies, job, friends, families…
After this, it’s like writing on my journal or blogging, I felt better. Therapeutic, I’m telling you.

Unfortunately, the instant I hung up the phone, it rang again and it was my mum who told me bullshit about what D had to do (car things, again) which I don’t understand, and don’t care anything about. Then she went on about me waisting my life in this town, not liking the idea of D becoming a pastor, not liking him for being too honest about telling them he wouldn’t like to live either in Brazil, Italy or Germany. etc… (They have never ever settled down in any country of the world!). She made me upset and cry.

I cannot understand how a parent wouldn’t be glad to see her daughter happily married… My dad is like that too, both don’t want to accept that I’ve been married for almost 2 years now, and that my life might be, indeed, different from theirs or what they would have liked it to be! I am not, and have never been a toy, a puppet, that you tell what to do, how to do it, how to think (like them). Unfortunately, they still try to have control over me, and even trying to put D in the basket! No way.
I’m mad at myself because I’m too nice and sympathetic. I should learn to hung up on my mum.

I asked D if “Jerusalem” has a meaning in Hebrew? Well, apparently it’s quite vague, nobody knows if the signification has to be found in Hebrew or in the other languages and dialects spoken by other people of the region… I was wondering because it has always been a city that I’ve found interesting historically, like Istanbul (Constantinople), and really would like to visit those places with D when we’ll have the opportunity (time, money & the political stability?)!

Jerusalem is also referred as the “City of David”, and “Daughter of Zion” in the Old Testament, but unfortunately the Holy city is contested by Jews & Christians, and the Muslims. Here is the link to the Lonely Planet page about Israel.

Lauren asked me to explain how one doesn’t “accept Jesus”. I’m going to be as clear as possible, although when there are a lot of things to explain, I often mix them up in my head to finally just say the 2 or 3 essential things… Oh, well! How does my mind work? Only God knows.

One cannot accept Jesus for the simple reason that He said: “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day.” (John 6:44) That’s it.

We cannot perfect our conduct, try as we might. We cannot understand God through our own intellects. We cannot become one with God. Instead of human beings having to do these things, the Bible teaches that God does them for us–He becomes one with us in Jesus Christ; He reveals Himself to our feeble understandings by His Word; He forgives our conduct and, in Christ, lives the perfect life for us. We do not have to ascend to God; rather, the good news is that He has descended to us. Most philosophies and theologies focus on what human beings must do to be saved; The Bible insists that there is nothing we can do, but that God does literally everything. We are justified by grace through faith in Jesus, the Christ.

In a great book, “The Spirituality of the Cross” by G. E. Veith, the author explains clearly what the Christian faith is all about, but because he understood this in the Lutheran church, he tends to talk too much about “Lutheran belief”, when it could/should be referred as “Christian belief” or “Biblical truth”.

I find confusing to say Lutheran all the time, and for two reasons:
1) There are 2 different Lutheran church bodies, who have different doctrines, one teaches the good thing, the other is as so so as the rest.
2) Lutherans don’t believe in Luther, rather believe that the Dr. Luther was right in wanting to reform the Roman Catholic Church. (That didn’t work, but a history of the Lutheran Church belongs to another post, I think)

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