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If you are planning to visit museums in Paris, I recommend buying the Museum Pass.

I do hope they would have more than one person working at the Tourist Information Desk at the Roissy-CDG airport… We had to wait almost one hour in the stuffy terminal before getting the stupid passes. (insert: complaints about lack of air conditioning in public places in France and bad services to the general public).

The pass does help you enter by the sidedoor in the Louvre (virtually no waiting line when we were there).

You do the math, but it is slightly cheeper if you manage to visit at least two museums a day (beware: your feet will be sore).

However this card won’t allow you to cut through the waiting line in front of Versailles, nor visit the gardens (which is usually free for all, but not the day of our visit, go figure). 🙄

It was my first time in Versailles. I obviously admired the “grandeur” of it all, but I might have appreciated it much more if there weren’t so many people waiting to enter the castle, waiting to go up the stairs, jamming the entry to every single room, etc. After one hour in there (or less), D and I were suffocating.

We prefered walking the grounds to the little Trianon.


Nous sommes de retour!

L’air de rien comme ça, je n’ai rien écrit ici depuis un mois. Il faut dire que nos 3 semaines en France on passé trop vite. Pour son premier voyage en Europe, et en France donc, mon chéri a visité:













Les trois fromages (et le reste du Sidobre bien sûr)


et, last but not least, Carcassonne.


Pas mal, hein(g)! Et je ne compte pas les inombrables repas avec ma famille paternelle et les amies et leurs maris et leurs bambini… Côté moins rigolo, nous étions là aussi pour une funéraille (la maman de mon amie M), puis la naissance de la fille de mon cousin JP (mais on n’a pas pû aller la voir à cause d’imprévus logistiques).

Je reviendrais vous raconter nos impressions quand j’aurais bien digéré tous les pastis, baguettes, fromages et saucissons (et patés) (et danettes) (et pains aux raisins)…

De todo un poco

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