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It all started with a very good friend of mine who is pregnant with her second child. Unfortunately she lives in Manitoba (24 hours drive from here, I checked with Google), but thanks to the Amazing Skype we chat quite often while having a cup of tea, looking at each other through the webcam. We even show each other our new clothes and discuss endlessly about everything, life, death & spirituality.

She asked me if I could sew her a maternity top. It seems that she cannot find anything decent that fit her measurements in all the maternity stores or else it’s very expensive and not really what she has in mind. So we looked at the different sewing patterns online. I wanted to agree on a model that would fit a bit loose so that, knowing we wouldn’t be able to arrange any fitting, it wouldn’t show much if not perfect. Also, if I had to buy a new pattern, I wanted to like it enough to use it for myself too! 😉

We agreed on this one:

She wanted a long sleeves one so I made model B, with a simple beige cotton stretch fabric, white ribbon and white simple fold bias tape to finish the hem at the bottom. Here is the result:

I am not too unsatisfied about it, though having seen it on her (once mailed and all) I realize that the waistline is way too low. With some things, measurements alone are not enough. *sigh*

On the other side, this was good practice for my top. Same pattern, model A, with a very light stretch cotton knit (end of summer sale -50%… Woohoo!). My changes: no ribbon around the neck line and no elastic to finish the short sleeves.
I realize that the elastic on the waistline could be a little tighter, but overall I’m quite pleased with that one. I love the fabric!

Yes, I know. I’d announced only a couple of weeks ago that I was leaving this blog for a while.

I’d realized that I hadn’t been thinking about it lately, but then Dr. Caso kept bugging me to hang around… And the last thing you know is that her little comments came haunting me in bright daylight!

So I’m back, but I will take it as I please. The problem is in my head. I like so much to visit all the blogs that are updated regularly that I was getting stressed out about not wanting, or not feeling like writing anything. The point, in my opinion, is not to have something to tell, there is always something big or small, but to have the pleasure to share.

I will share. When I feel like it.


You might have noticed that I don’t write much here anymore. I could blame it on Facebook or on the “lack of time”, but it wouldn’t be true. Everybody knows that if you really want to do something, there is always time to do it (before or after brushing your teeth). And anyway, I don’t have my day job anymore (I got laid off last month), so time I do have (though I’m far from getting bored what with all the things I like to do: reading, music, teaching music, sewing).

Did I mention that I did not like working in an office? Yeah. I was sorry at first because a job is a job, and the money was pretty good, but after all “all things happen for a reason”… There are things waiting to happen this year. Lots of changes. Change is good.

I’ve decided to leave this blog behind for now. I will probably leave my breadcrumbs (like Hänsel und Gretel) around here if I decide to tell my life again to the world wide web…

Tschüss! Ciao! Bye!

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