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My boss and his wife were away for a couple of days. Since D and I moved close by, we are almost neighbors, so they asked me if I could do some house-sitting, and that consist in … feeding the dogs and letting them go out in the garden 3 times a day to pee, poop, you name it. I am not anti-dogs, not as much as I am anti-cats… BUT.

I couldn’t refuse though, they have been more than kind with me, specially during the winter when I needed rides back home, or that day when it poured rain on me just before going to work, Gwen (the wife) has been there all the way. Thanks.

But let’s talk about the dogs. There are two of them, white, small, females. I don’t know the brand, sorry, but they are, you know, the one with such hair that you can make them look like mini-girl, with rubans, or simply elastics. Yes, cuuute. I am not complaining about them, no, but did you know that they have to go outside 3 times a day?! – I’m repeating myself – If there is something that I learned with this experience is that I won’t have a dog of my own, no thanks, unless I live in the countryside and I can leave them outside all the day long. Hubby agrees with me, pets are not made to live with us, humans. Can you imagine yourself worrying everyday to be back at… “oh, wait, three in the afternoon? No, I can’t, I have to let the dogs out!”

What I find hilarious is that pets are generally considered “companions” for us, humans. But ironically when one goes away on vacation, it’s a big dilemma finding the right companion for your “dear companion” (the pet)…

Ps: The only pets we had at home when I was a child were golden fishes… The poor little creatures didn’t live long in the aquarium, so my mum kept buying a new companion for the one left alone in there. We never figured out what was wrong: to much food? Not enough? Are we cleaning the water when we should?


Posted on: Jueves 21 julio 2005

It’s “done”! The whole Friday, Daniel and his friend/boss, Bob, carried the boxes from one place to another… It was a very hot day, humid, and they were both sweating abundantly… Specially D had his T-Shirt so wet that it seemed he had taken a shower without taking his clothes off! With the only difference that it wasn’t only water rather 100% perspiration… 😯

The place is waaaay better than the former apartment. The only disgusting thing I find at the moment is… cat’s hair. They are all over the place. I hadn’t noticed it was so dirty in here when we had our visit. Particularly disgusting in the kitchen: tell me, how can cat’s hair get IN the fridge or IN the drawers?! Yuk! Anyway, so useless to say that I am tired of cleaning and unpacking. At least I am telling to myself that this time we’ll stay in this place for a while. I hope a couple of years until D is done with his studies…

I am also planing to paint the bedroom and the bathroom, nothing fancy, just plain white, because for now the walls have old and weird colors! The living and kitchen are nice though, green for the living, and yellow in the kitchen!

Yesterday I was planing to buy a couple of those cards that say “I’m moving to a new house” or “Here is my new address”, but the only ones I saw were coming only by pack of 10 and were just too expensive. When I buy a pack of the same cards it confuses me anyway, I never remember to whom I sent the card before. And who wants to receive the same card twice? So I ended up buying a calling card.

Argentina. My grandma’s birthday is today, as well as my cousin’s, Julieta. They are always having a family get-together July 13th. This year it will be for my grandma’s 82nd, and Julieta’s 28th. Funny, huh! 82/28… Get it?
So that was one of the calls I wanted to make: my grandma first. She wasn’t answering when I first tried, she later told me she went to church to give thanks to the Lord for so many years of life.

The other call I made was to France. My aunt Mathé is the sister of my father, and with her daughter, my cousin Elsa, they are to me the closest part of my dad’s family. I wanted to give them my new address, but also discuss with my aunt because my mum has been telling me bullshit lately, and I was wondering what was true in all this. So there we go, now all is clean and clear. She has been reassured that I am, really, truly, happy and content. Herself didn’t know what was true about the news that my parents had been telling them… My parents have never respected my choice of getting married (I’ve written about this before). My dad was telling her that I’m “being amused” by D. That means that he plainly doesn’t give credit to LOVE. That’s not new to me. My aunt has never been married, but at least she could understand the fact that if there is love, a lot of things cannot be explained. Phew! I was glad to talk to her!

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