What if?

Posted on: Miércoles 29 junio 2011

The other day D and I had a moment of “what if”‘s as we considered our lives and all their defining moments. We are persuaded that we were meant to be together and our paths were meant to cross, but sometimes it’s fun to let our imaginations go wild and wonder at all the things that could have been.

What if my family had stayed in France, how would I have met my husband? Would I have visited Brazil one day on my way to or from Argentina as a tourist or for business? Or would he have come to France for a reason I can’t even think about?

What if he had never moved from Brazil to Canada? Would he have finished his studies in construction? Would he have become an architect? An engineer?

How about my music studies… If I hadn’t listened to my dad and explored away from classical, would I really have enjoyed jazz? Would I be composing and arranging music? (Somehow I don’t think so). If I had continued my studies at McGill U. would I really have ended up majoring in music or redirected my attention on German studies? Would I be a translator? Would I be living in Europe?

What if I hadn’t met my husband at the Conservatoire or if nothing would have “clicked” between us; would I have kept studying in Montreal or transferred to a conservatoire in Italy (as was my initial plan)? Would I still be singing opera? As a soloist or as a member of a chorus in an opera house?

Would I still be dancing tango? Would I be an instructor? Organizing cultural events, shows, trips to Buenos-Aires?

If I wasn’t married with the man I love, would I be as happy as I am now? (I doubt it, but as one says “ignorance is bliss”).

Then I come back to reality and look at our wonderful children, the twins that were never fantasized in our wildest dreams. I realize that all our hardships since we’ve been together have made us stronger and part of who we are now as a couple and a growing family. Sometimes I have so much love in my heart for D and our kids that I think I’m about to burst!

Our minds are too small to imagine all the wonderful surprises that God has planned for our lives.


4 comentarios to "What if?"

Très chouette post, moi aussi je me pose ce genre de questions parfois et alors je me plais à penser que c’est le destin qui nous a réunis avec mon mari (facile!). Difficile d’imaginer sa vie autrement, non? (sorry for answering in French,..)

Nous croyons nous aussi fortement que nous étions destinés à nous rencontrer, mais je suppose qu’il aurait tout aussi été possible de se rencontrer autrement. Nos chemins sont si tortueux!
(no problem for the French, you know as well as I do that any language is as good as another!) 😎

It’s funny how all the jigsaw pieces of our lives arrange to make sense. I’m glad you like your life!

Avec des si… on pourrait mettre Paris en bouteille 🙂

I’m glad I like my life too! 😉


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