Belly update

Posted on: Lunes 15 febrero 2010

Here is THE mighty belly at 23 weeks (last week), still a little less than four months to go… Yes, I’m going to be huge. Many mums like to tell me that they weren’t as big with their first child, at which I need to remind them that there are two babies in there… I like to believe that these comments are well meaning, but sometimes I wonder: are they telling me that being “big” is a good or a bad thing? Are they proud of having been smaller, or jealous? They might as well be babbling about, maybe they don’t mean anything by it and I’m over-thinking.

Exciting news:
We’ve learned at our latest ultrasound that the babies are… two boys! 😀

We had a short moment of disappointment because our most favorite name so far was a girl’s name. Funny, we had so many ideas of boys names, but the favorite was the ONE girl’s name! That said, we are above all grateful to the Lord that they are both healthy, this is truly the most important thing. They are both about the same size and already in a head-down position which is awesome since I wish to give birth with as little human intervention as possible (no medication, no c-section). Hopefully the personnel at the hospital will respect my wishes when the time comes!

The great thing about knowing the gender of the babies is that we have been able to think more realistically about names. No more joking around with the most ridiculous ideas. Good thing too because we’ve finally decided that we were going to give them a middle name after all. It was such a headache to find names that we both like, haven’t a bad meaning (or pagan origin), go well together in the first/middle/last name pattern, can be said in as many languages as we speak AND don’t look too funny in English or French (because they will be spelled the Portuguese way).

Sigh. I think we found them, but the names will be announced at birth. We want to reserve ourselves the right to change our minds at the last minute without looking crazy. 😉


22 comentarios to "Belly update"

Two boys… congratulation! I was about to say you have a big belly but I remembered that you were expecting twins 😉

I know what you mean on how hard it is to find baby names… especially names that sound good in several languages! I don’t have kids yet but I know it’s gonna be a headache for us too.

We are concerned of how the names sound, but particularly for the first names… As for the middle names we’ve allowed ourselves a little more freedom! (I guess it’s ok if it sounds good in only 2 out of the 4 languages) 🙂

Et bah ils sont déjà grands à ce qu’on peut voir!!
Plus que 4 mois, ça va passer vite!
Je crois que vous avez raison de ne pas dévoiler les noms, surtout que vous pouvez encore changer d’avis d’ici là!
Encore félicitations!

Oui ça va passer vite, mais j’ai hâte de les voir!!!

Pick their names wisely 🙂 And though I’m curious to know them, you are totally right. Maybe while looking at them, you just say “oh, not Daniel at all !! This one will be William !” 😀

It’s exactly the reason why we are not telling, but also because I don’t want to hear my mum say again that she discussed the names with her sister/neighbor/friend and they all agreed that some other name would be better!!! 🙄

Oh ! We might habe the same mother !!

Everyone will have an opinion on your belly, don’t worry about it, the only thing that matters is that your two boys are growing well !

And I think you are very wise to keep the names secret until the end. We had a smilar difficult decision as our names had to work in both French and English… We had a shortlist and we made up our mind at the last minute when we actually met our little boys 🙂

… and how big was your belly? 😉

At 37 weeks, I had a 110cm waist! And I’m only 1.57m so that was pretty big for my height!!!

D’un autre cote quand mes enfants sont nes nous n’avions pas vraiment pense au fait que des prenoms “internationaux” seraient mieux car nous ne pensions pas bouger autant. Resultat ils ont tous les deux des prenoms bien francais pas forcement facilement prononcables dans une autre langue mais qui font partie de leur (notre) identite. Donc pas trop de souci pour les prenoms le tout c’est qu’ils vous plaisent!

Et je ne trouve pas ton ventre enorme 😉

Merci! 😀 Y’a des jours où j’adore mon bedon, mais d’autres où je me sens comme une baleine! 😆

Félicitation! Moi aussi pour mes jumeaux j’ai eu très vite un ventre énorme. Parfois contente, parfois trop lourde! Bonne continuation

Chouette une autre maman de jumeaux! J’m’en vais visiter ton blog!

Ha! I was HUGE with my first baby!!! Don’t worry too much about what people say. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop after the babies are born. It is the advice and snarky comments that change. 😉 I am still getting my healthy dose even if my kids are getting bigger and bigger….lol.

Congratulations on your “growing” family. 🙂

Thanks this is the kind of comment that I need to hear once in a while! 😉

Heureuse de voir que les deux sont en bonne forme, c’est pour cela que fille ou garçon, peu importe ! (néanmoins j’ai eu trois garçons et j’ai toujours dit que je n’aurais pas aimé avoir trois filles, parce que bonjour la complexité…). Tu as certes un beau ventre mais oui, ils sont deux ! je te rassure, un à la fois je prenais beaucoup de poids aussi pour mes grossesses…

On a quand même prévu un autre bébé dans quelques années… À moins que se soit une autre paire de jumeaux! ha ha

Ravie de voir que tout se passe bien !
Comme prénom facile à prononcer dans beaucoup de langues, il y a Tom et Sam…

Encore faut-il trouver ça joli… 😕

Après, tu as tous les “couples” célèbres: Laurel & Hardy, Tic & tac, réchaud & frigo…
Bon, d’accord, j’arrête de dire n’importe quoi….

Bravo pour les deux petits gars !

Très joli ventre aussi. J’ai accouché il y a 6 mois, et j’ai vraiment adoré être enceinte, alors présentement, je suis un peu jalouse. Mais sinon, je crois que les femmes n’ont pas spécialement d’arrière-pensées, elles commentent, c’est tout, parce qu’elles aiment parler des bébés. :-))
De toute façon, on entend de tout quand on est enceinte.

Ce qui compte c’est de se sentir bien et d’en profiter. (Et après, c’est super aussi :-))


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