Posted on: Domingo 15 noviembre 2009

Mikah & Malok

Mikah (left) and Malok (right) having a nap.

Malok, our first cat, is generally a shy cat. He is scared of everything : the vacuum cleaner, visitors, students, friends, etc. As a kitten he used to come and sniff our visitors socks, at least a bit of curiosity, but now he simply runs and hides in the bedroom!

When we got Mikah, our second cat, we thought it would be nice for Malok. He seemed to be lonely and needing company… What a contrast when Mikah arrived in our lives! He purrs very loud, likes to cuddle, jumps on our laps (and he’s there to stay!) and he is the loveliest cat around company. Little did we know that he would also bring a handful of problems!

I didn’t tell anything about this here because it was too disgusting. Sensible stomachs beware. He was eating and drinking way too much, which would translate into flatulence (cats fart too!) and diarrhea… Some mornings we would wake up to find traces of sh*t spread all over from the bathroom, down the hallway and in the living room. A nightmare! At first we thought he was sick so we brought him to the vet. She wasn’t much help. She barely looked at him and for the modest sum of $120 (gasp!), she told me to stop the kitten food, control the amount (1/4 cup, twice a day) and have him dewormed… This didn’t fix anything. We couldn’t control the food for the simple reason that our other cat had totally different eating habits; he nibbles a bit and walks away, while Mikah eats until he bursts (literally)!

After some research we found out that some cats are allergic to ingredients in their food such as chicken meat, corn or wheat. So after experimenting with different brands, we realized chicken meat was the matter with him. It took us months to get there, but he seemed to get better. Actually Mikah was getting fatter, while Malok thinner…

Knowing about the big changes that are coming in our lives and after some consideration, weighting the pros and cons, we decided that the best for Mikah would probably to live in a home where he would be the only cat. So I put an ad on Kijiji and waited until the right person would come along.

Today was a happy and sad day for me. We found a new home for my fatso cat. It was heartbreaking (!!!), but at the same time we know that he will be cared for, loved and spoiled!


5 comentarios to "Mi-mi-mikah!"

OUch… j’ai trouvé la photo “so lovely” et attendrissante, j’ai vraiment ri à la lecture de ses “inconvénients” et j’ai eu le coeur serré en lisant la fin même si elle semble heureuse. Waouw ça c’est l’aimer et être une “maman” responsable que de lui trouver un autre foyer pour son équilibre alimentaire… je ne sais si j’aurai su le faire…

Même si je sais que c’est pour le mieux, ça n’empêche que j’ai pas pû retenir mes larmes en le voyant partir.

Ohhhhhhhh soooo sad! J’ai souvent hésité à faire ça après avoir adopté ma deuxième cocotte (elles, c’est pas un problème avec la nourriture que j’ai, c’est tout simplement qu’elles ne se supportent toujours pas, même après avoir vécu 5 ans ensemble)… mais je n’aurais jamais eu le courage de le faire. Je suis sûre que tu lui as trouvé une famille d’adoption qui l’aimera et prendra bien soin de lui, c’est ce qui est le plus important. Et j’espère que Malok saura sécher tes larmes 🙂 Gros gros calins de la part de mes deux cocottes et un gros bisou de ma part.

Merci, t’es gentille. 🙂
En fait, pour Malok c’est comme si rien ne s’était passé, j’ai même l’impression qu’il en profite pour demander plus de câlins!

Pfiou ! Bin dis donc… Je viens de lire ça après avoir passé la matinée à papouiller mon pti brun… Comme Dr Caso, je crois que je ne pourrais pas prendre une décision pareille.
En tout cas, la photo est super mimi.


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