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Posted on: Miércoles 16 septiembre 2009


You might have noticed that I don’t write much here anymore. I could blame it on Facebook or on the “lack of time”, but it wouldn’t be true. Everybody knows that if you really want to do something, there is always time to do it (before or after brushing your teeth). And anyway, I don’t have my day job anymore (I got laid off last month), so time I do have (though I’m far from getting bored what with all the things I like to do: reading, music, teaching music, sewing).

Did I mention that I did not like working in an office? Yeah. I was sorry at first because a job is a job, and the money was pretty good, but after all “all things happen for a reason”… There are things waiting to happen this year. Lots of changes. Change is good.

I’ve decided to leave this blog behind for now. I will probably leave my breadcrumbs (like Hänsel und Gretel) around here if I decide to tell my life again to the world wide web…

Tschüss! Ciao! Bye!


13 comentarios to "Turn the page"

Oh, sorry for the job though you didn’t like it !
Please add me on Facebook so we keep in touch ???

Frankly, I’m not sorry about the job anymore. The boss was a royal asshole.

hi Noelia!
That sucks!! Hope you will in it a way to better your life. And I am curious to hear about your new adventures!! Change is great!!!!!!!
Take care!!!!!!

My life is already better: Lots of time to do what I really like! Plus, new students!!! Yeay!


I do not write you a lots of comments but I do read your blog so I am sorry to hear that.
I’ve been fired from my first job here but then I found an other one much better so I do believe everything happens for a (GOOD) reason.

I notice you are sewing, I just bought a sewing machine and I am looking for ideas (simple, I’m just beginning), so if you have any tips, it would be really nice!!

Best of luck for the future

Hi Anso,

Well, technically being laid-off is not the same as being fired. Laid-off is when the company is getting rid off your position, fired is when your work performance is not good enough (of course, there are also bosses who are mean enough to try make believe that your work is never good enough). Better be laid-off for unemployment insurance purposes…

Thanks for leaving a comment.

Absolutely not!!! Comment on va faire, nous, sans toi?? Alléééééééé continue, steuplait!!!

Tiens nous quand meme un peu courant de la suite des evenements…

Allez, hop hop, on revient nous donner des nouvelles!!

Merde! il y en a un tas qui quittent en ce moment 😦

Allez, faut pas pleurer… 😉 Je vais revenir. Il me faut juste quelques temps pour lire, faire un peu de couture et prendre des photos! 😀


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