Veggies & Fruits

Posted on: Miércoles 27 mayo 2009

Here is a little challenge from A Barcelone, that I saw in this and that blog: Buy the equivalent of 10 Euros ($15.51 CAD at today’s rate) and show us a picture. Let me tell you that if my mother-in-law had a blog, we would all be jealous. How many kilos of fruits can you buy in Brazil for 27.80 Reais? I’m sure you can feed a family of 10 for a month or something 😉

Don’t even mention the taste of the said fruits… *sigh*

So here is what I bought this week-end for $15.66 CAD (close enough):

veggies and fruits
A bunch of asparagus (grown in the region), green beans (from the states), a bunch of green onions, a plant of basil (fresh is always best), a bag of carrots, one potato (for a soup), a sweet red pepper, a bunch of coriander (I wanted some parsley and got confused… They look so much alike, don’t you think?), a lemon (hiding), a cucumber (grown in the region), mushrooms, tomatoes and pears (from Argentina). As you can see not much is grown in Canada… If I do this again in a couple of month, I promise there would be some more fruits (here is the place to eat peaches and cherries) and tastier veggies too.


2 comentarios to "Veggies & Fruits"

Quand meme la coriandre ca ne sent pas du tout comme le persil! 😉

Oui j’avoue, la honte! Mon problème est que je reste 3 heures à choisir le plus beau bouquet de persil et à la fin je m’énerve moi-même et je prend celui d’à côté… Dans ce cas-là c’était du coriandre! (mais ça sent bon aussi!) 😛


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