Surprise, quiches duet & hummus

Posted on: Lunes 20 abril 2009

I love surprises. Gifts for me are great only if meaningful. I give to my friends and family when I feel like it, when I’m inspired. So what I like the most, really, are not the gifts, but the element of surprise.

So it was my friend’s (T) birthday a couple of weeks ago (the same who surprised me) and with H, my other great friend, we conspired to surprise her. First I wanted them all (friends, husbands, baby and child-to-be) to come celebrate at our appartement, but since H has a bigger house she said “why don’t we do it I my place?”. Which made sense.

So I made two quiches:
b 006

Spinach & Feta quiche on the left, ham & mushrooms on the right.

And some hummus:
b 004

Hummus: chick peas spread.

And I brought the balloons (blewn by my darrrling) and the funny tooth picks. 😀
b 010

H took care of the rest: salads, veggies, dip and cake.

H and her hubby had not told T, hubby & child that we were going to be there too. So as they came in, we all yelled “Happy Birthday!” in a “Surprise!” kind of way and all was crazy, merry and fun. 🙂


2 comentarios to "Surprise, quiches duet & hummus"

Thanks. Tu viens de me donner une idée pour Movie-day

En plus si, comme moi, tu as une grande plaque à mettre au four, tu peux mettre des séparations avec du papier alu et changer de garnitures. Comme ça tu as plusieurs quiches pour le travail d’une seule! 😉


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