Gazillion good news

Posted on: Miércoles 21 enero 2009

I think it’s highly time for me to leave some sort of update over here. The winter is gray and cold over here, but I am being hyperactive this days to fight over my winter blues. It’s terrible: by 17:00 night is upon us like the dawn of doom and the only thing I feel like doing is curl up in my bed and die sleep. So depressing.


  • I’ve started teaching French again to a small group of 4 kids! It’s so fun. I love teaching. 🙂
  • And THEN I’ve got a call from a girl (about my age) who wanted… German lessons! So now I’m teaching German as well. This was the weirdest thing because I never imagined I would teach German, even beginner’s, one day. She is a singer too, so we get along quite well talking about opera, translation of lyrics, pronounciation, shape of the mouth, placement of the sound, etc. Fun, fun, fun. 😀
  • Did I tell that I am helping a friend doing her translation homework (En>Fr)? Yup, that’s really fun too. I will definitely study translation one day, when I have more time and money. Actually I was about to start this year if it wasn’t for the $ problem. 🙄
  • I finally joined the choir at church (for years I couldn’t because of conflicting schedules).
  • And to finish this beautiful list, I’ve been granted 3 weeks of vacation in June! I’d asked for 4 weeks, but they said it was too long considering the summer is so short. I kind of get their point, but considering that they don’t pay me when I’m off, I thought they would appreciate to be rid of me for the longest period of time. Still, I’m not complaining! A lot of people don’t even take that much yearly vacation (even not paid) in North America. Sad but true. 

We are going to spend time in France visiting family and friends that I haven’t seen for 6 years. Hard to believe that I haven’t been in Europe for that long. I will introduce D (first time for him!) to people who’ve known me as a kid, and I will show him the town where I grew up. :mrgreen:


3 comentarios to "Gazillion good news"

Many good news !! congrats for all this, wish I could speak many foreign languages as you do (can you feel envy and jealousy from me here ?).
Anyway, I know you’ll have many people to visit while in Europe, but if by any chance you travel through Lyon….

I’ll keep you in mind when we are in France! 😉 But I think we won’t have time to go everywhere I’d like to… Even amongst my friends and family, we’ll have to choose. So hard.

I know that: it’s the same when my friend from Vancouver comes back to france: her vacations are always a marathon to visit as many people as possible !


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