Winter Storm

Posted on: Viernes 19 diciembre 2008

It’s been snowing non-stop since around 08:00 this morning. Spent 15 minutes cleaning the car before driving to work at turtle speed to be told, once at the office, that we were closing for the day! 🙄

So far, spent the day reading in bed and wearing pajamas.

Yeepee! :mrgreen:

mikah 004
My reading companion.

mikah 001
Ice on my window.


9 comentarios to "Winter Storm"

I love pyjama days…at least once a week. Sounds very nice.

Today it’s still snowing heavily, but I don’t want to stay home all day! It’s going to drive me crazy! I’ll try to take some pictures. 🙂

SNOW! I WANT SNOW!! My parents got over 13 inches Friday. I’m sure you got the same storm a few hours later.

The snow here is almost all melted. 😦

beau contraste chaud-froid.

>Jennie: … And I think it’s the same storm that hit Montreal on Sunday. 🙂

>Vilay: C’est drôle, j’ai réalisé ça après coup! Merci!

Brrr… stay safe :)!!

Mais c’est pas bientot fini oui de nous narguer comme ca avec votre neige… Olivier, toi… Moi je vais commencer a boycotter les blogs canadiens 😉

>Nicole: Safe and warm at home. No problem, I can do that! 🙂

>Bergère: Na na nère!… Hé hé

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