Posted on: Sábado 29 noviembre 2008

Since, after all 🙄 , we won’t be moving overseas for another couple of years, we figured we might as well be happy here and now 😎 . Our pet needed a companion because, between us, a cat has such a hard life. Seriously, how boring must it be to spend the whole day in the apartment by himself. No wonder he spends so much time napping. 😉

Let me introduce the new addition to our household…
His name is Mikah; he is a 6 months old purring machine (seriously), male & neutered.

After a couple of days of getting used to each other’s smell and being held in separate rooms, they are getting along quite well.

The proof:
Ninja fighting.




9 comentarios to "Mikah"

ça doit mettre pas mal de vie à la maison, ces 2 chats ! C’est cool :^) ça me manque, un chat, mais bon… tout petit appart, pas le courage de me ré-engager… Mais les siestes du dimanche la tête enfouie dans un bidou ronronnant, ça manque…

Ohhhhh welcome joli chat 🙂 Décidemment, il faut vraiment que j’aille vous rendre visite (si si, pour TE rencontrer aussi, pas seulement les chats 😉 ).

Ceci n’a rien a voir. Veux tu continuer la rédac du mois ? Ecris moi ici :
ou sur mon blog :


A bientôt ?

We won’t be moving overseas for another couple of years either. 😦 I’m trying to convince David to get another cat too so our Canaille isn’t so bored all day, but I don’t think he’ll go for it!

Awww, they are so cute :)!

>Sandrine: Ah, pour mettre de la vie, en effet je me rend compte de l’effet “doublage” quand ils décident de se courrir après dans le couloir: on dirait un troupeau d’éléphants! 😆

>Dr. Caso: Essaye pas de me faire croire que c’est moi que tu veux visiter! 😉 Par contre, oui, oui, ammène ta fraise! 😀

>Jennie: Our Malok was getting too needy of us, so the little Mikah is taking care of his gaming time. Mikah however has never enough (but he’s a kitten = more energy).

>Nicole: hee hee, my mother-in-law said that the colors are so chic!

Ha,ha,ha…… les 2 ensemble forment une seule boule tachetée blanc et noir !!! Mignons!

>Lucia: Chics ET mignons, hein! 😉

[…] When we got Mikah, our second cat, we thought it would be nice for Malok. He seemed to be lonely and needing company… What a contrast when Mikah arrived in our lives! He purrs very loud, likes to cuddle, jumps on our laps (and he’s there to stay!) and he is the loveliest cat around company. Little did we know that he would also bring a handful of problems! […]


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