The Interpreter

Posted on: Lunes 10 noviembre 2008

If I ever make a list of my favorite fiction novels I’ve read this year, The Interpreter by Suzanne Glass will be in the top 3.

The story line, told in alternating points of view is exciting, interesting and well written. We follow the thoughts of Dominique Green, the interpreter of the title, and Nicholas Mancini, an Italian doctor researching on leukemia. Both meet and fall in love in NYC, but there is more to the story than a love affair. The atmosphere is gloomy from the beginning and one wonders how badly it’s going to end. Happily for me, the ending is not as dramatic as it could have been, so that one does not feel like having wasted time reading the whole book. 😉

Also, for the language freak that I am, the novel is full of multilingual scenes when Dominique is working, when she thinks or simultaneously translates what someone is telling her. Like the author of the book, Dominique is fluent in 7 languages.

The author sounds as interesting as the characters she created on her first novel.



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