in search of the perfect sewing machine

Posted on: Jueves 26 junio 2008

I am presently looking for a good quality, modern sewing machine.

I still love my historical Singer Featherweight, which still works perfectly fine, but I’m at the point now when I’d like to be able to do more than a straight stitch! I’d like to go backward, zig-zag, buttonhole… and eventually have a few decorative stitches!

Now, I didn’t know at first where to look… My mum always had a Singer and my Featherweight is Singer too, so I thought that it should be a good brand. But after some research online, I’ve read a lot of nightmare reviews about new machines that would jam at the first try. I was kind of sad (and scared to buy anything new) because I liked the design of the Singer Inspiration.



Well, of course, I know that prettiness doesn’t count! It has to work like a breeze! AND not for a day or two, for at least 20 or 30 years! Ha ha HAAA! Let me laugh. Look at the price!!!
Holy Guacamole!

I was thinking to get one around 100 bucks, not 1000… I almost chocked; for $100 you can get only the old battered ones or the newest cheaper ones entirely made of Chinese plastic that will brake if I sneeze too loud.

So, I will have to put more money in it than I thought (but pleeease, let it be less than 500!). I also learned during my extensive little research that there are other renowned brand names than Singer and Brother! Apparently Bernina (Swiss) and Pfaff (German) are very good machines.

I have been looking more specifically at the Pfaff brand since there is a dealer in town. I think it’s good to buy a machine from a store close by, so if I have a problem with the machine it’s easier to go repair or replace it…

I’m hesitating between the Select line or the Hobby line (there is a very good review about the 1142 there). It will all depend on the price (how come they don’t put it online?).


4 comentarios to "in search of the perfect sewing machine"

Salut Noelia,
Je t’ai répondu sur mon site à propose de ma machine à coudre.
Par contre je viens de voir que tu habites au Canada, je ne suis pas certaine que Stecker livre là-bas… et ça risque de couter cher si il faut que tu la leur renvoies !
Cela dit ça ne change rien à la qualité de la machine !!
Bon courage pour tes recherches,

Mine is an old Pfaff, and it still works quite well, except that I often get a “thread mess” in the first stitches.
I’d love to get a sewing + serger+ embroidery machine… but as you said “Holy Guacamole!!”, and as we say in french: “ça coûte un bras” (voire même un oeil)….
Have you also searched for second hands ?

Anyway, have fun with your new machine :^)…

>Lydie: merci, merci, je t’ai répondu sur ton blog! 🙂

>Sandrine: Well, I ended up paying way more than I thought, but hubby is a good adviser; I’d better buy the best that I can afford for a machine (a tool) that I will use during years and years… and grow older with it! 😉

Merci Noelia pour ta visite chez moi! Je vois que tu as un blog multilingue! Est-ce que par hasard tu ne ferais pas partie des amis d’Olivier de Montréal?
Sinon côté machine à coudre j’ai une singer depuis près de 20 ans, increvable. Je ne l’ai jamais donné à réparer no à nettoyer!!! Je ne sais plus combien je l’ai achetée mais avant j’avais la very old one gold and blanck achetée 250 FF disons 40 euros… j’ai regretté de l’avoir revendue… car elle marchait très bien aussi même si elle ne faisiat que le point avant…


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