São Paulo 2

Posted on: Martes 24 junio 2008

The second time we went to São Paulo, it was a family trip. We all jammed ourself in the car, very early in the morning, to head to the city. This way I got the chance to experiment the terrible traffic that I heard so much about, the never ending traffic jams, the stress of the conductor (my deepest respects for my father-in-law), etc…

My super-mother-in-law wanted to buy shoes in her favorite shoe store (the one where the models go, because since they are so tall, they proportionally have big feet, like my MIL). So, we were there at the opening of the store to avoid the crowd. Once more, this was a very good idea; a couple of hours later it was so crowded that we could barely walk around anymore! Anyway, we left her there in her shoes paradise! (I would have loved to buy more shoes, but I was kinda stretching the budget already…) 😉

The men and I walked through the streets of the surrounding very nice neighborhood in direction of the Ibirapuera park, sort of the Central Park of São Paulo. On our way there, the apartment building were gorgeous (and their price probably too), maybe not so much because of the buildings themselves, but because the vegetation in front and on the balcony was as always fascinating. I was walking my head watching around and up, not looking were my feet were going, and of course twitching my ankle a couple of times in the process. 😆

“I wouldn’t say no if we had to live here”, I said to D. “I wouldn’t mind either”, he answered (dreaming doesn’t hurt anyone). 🙂

I thought I was walking in the enchanted forest, but in the park it got even better.

O bosque da leitura (the reading woods)

As per D, it used to be dangerous to venture there alone, but that day we could see many joggers and families with children… as well as the presence of the police everywhere. I didn’t feel the insecurity that I had heard about. Hopefully it part of the past or maybe it depends at which time of the day you go there (comparably I suppose it’s not a good idea to stroll around central park in NYC alone at night either) 🙄

Yes it was hot and humid.

I love these trees with roots hanging out of the branches. Funny how sometimes the roots find a branch below and blend into another branch/root.

After some more walking and awing at our surroundings, we picked up Lucia and her five (!) new pairs of shoes, packed ourselves in the car again, and had a walk around another park, parque da indenpendência, around the palace of the Emperor, now museum Paulista (aka do Ipiranga).



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