Paraty, RJ, Brasil

Posted on: Lunes 16 junio 2008

When I emailed my mum that we were planning a visit to Paraty (en), she answered, “Oh, Paraty! (…) This Portuguese colonial town is the most beautiful memory I have of Brazil”, plus of course the inevitable “You know, you’ve been there when you were a baby”… Obviously I can’t remember. 😉

Anyway, this day organized by Lúcia was a blast. First we left home very early because we had a 4-hours drive ahead of us along the beautiful Atlantic coast. The plan was to arrive there around 10:00 to get on a boat and have a tour of beaches and islands. Luckily as we arrived there “on time” we were still early (all the boats departing an hour later), so we had time to park the car and stroll around leisurely.

Garden of the pousada (B&B) where we parked the car for the day.

The atmosphere was fantastic. Again we were visiting on a Monday (segunda-feira) to avoid the crowds and that allowed us to better appreciate the historical magic of this colonial town.

Similar boats to ours were living at the same time.

For 20 Reais (about $15) per person you get a 5-hours tour visiting 2 beaches and 2 islands (nice scuba diving spots). The meal served on board was delicious too, an additional 20 reais but sooo worth it. I had some fish that was so fresh and full of flavor. The passion fruit juice too, but that was always so during my stay. Just thinking of it makes me droll. eh eh 😀
Many islands we crossed were privately owned… some with the yacht that goes with it. 😎
The day was partially clouded but it didn’t stop me to jump from the boat (the water was extremely good), swim, get some tan and enjoy the dramatic sights.



4 comentarios to "Paraty, RJ, Brasil"

It looks relaxing and beautiful there.

I’m glad you had a nice day visiting. 🙂

Cela a l’air magnifique…Merci de m’avoir fait voyager un peu..Et merci pour ton commentaire.Je crois qu’il en est souvent ainsi,on croit avoir des idées très opposées alors que c’est simplement la manière de les exposer qui est très différente..A bien y réfléchir,ce qui nous rapproche est plus important que ce qui nous oppose..bonne journée!

mmmmmmm…..I will have to add this town on my dream destination wishlist.

>Pumpkin: Oh, it was! *dreaming about the gentle rocking of the boat*

>Gazou: Oui, c’est pour cela qu’il m’est difficile de parler de foi, mais parfoit nécessaire 🙂

>Lin: The wishlist must be pretty long; there are so many beautiful places in this world!


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