Winter is dead

Posted on: Sábado 19 abril 2008

There is no spring in Canada. Every year I am surprised, but every year it’s the same. From a day to another I can’t bear wearing long sleeves anymore!

As the temperatures were around 20°C this week, I happily started biking again to go to work. Funnily the temperature were about the same in Buenos-Aires and Sao Paulo. 😎

Sadly I somehow caught a cold (again!) that makes me cough as if I was spitting out my lungs, rather than releasing them of some stupid irritating mucus or whatever is in there… It’s the third time this year! I hate it. As if the Winter was nagging me… 😐

This morning there was an event at the seminary, but I decided not to go and rest at home instead… Now blogging while listening to MPB FM online (the radio of Musica Popular Brasileira). Saturday is the only day when I can sleep in and have nothing planned. Usually we host the Bible study and have friends over, but I canceled that as well. I’m just tired and counting the days to our vacations: the first “real” vacations we have together since we are… together! I hope we won’t wait 5 more years to have another one! Hopefully we will afford traveling more often in the future.


2 comentarios to "Winter is dead"

have nice vacations (and thanx for your reply on my blog!)

Thanks Julie! I will probably have a fantastic vacation (specially that I’m actually off work…) :green:


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