Multilingual keyboard?

Posted on: Miércoles 20 febrero 2008

I just come back from a day trip to Toronto.

D and I had some business at the consulates (Brazilian and French respectively). My French passport was ready in two weeks (!) but I couldn’t free myself earlier to go pick it up.

Also, I was hoping to find a multilingual keyboard in one of the big stores of the big city, search that resulted fruitless. I mean, Toronto is a major Canadian city with lots of students, no? Aren’t they supposed to be some other people who wish they had a keyboard to type in other languages than English?

It’s embarrassing, I thought it was dirty, but on the picture it looks even dirtier. Yurk!

Mine is QWERTY with the French grave, acute, circumflex and cedilla signs: é, è, ê, ç. Right now it’s also old and dirty, but that OK ‘till I find better. I’d like to get one that also has the Spanish (í, ñ, ? ¿, ! ¡), Portuguese (tilde on vowels: ã, õ) and German (ß) signs. Yes, I know I should just memorize all the codes (Alt+ whatever), but if it’s on the keyboard it would be much easier, faster, practical…

I will probably end up buying one online (it would be very annoying to pay $20+ shipping for a $20+ keyboard though…)


2 comentarios to "Multilingual keyboard?"

Si tu as l’habitude fait comme moi: tu prends n’importe quel clavier: qwerty (anglophone ou suisse) par exemple mais tu garde le programme du français azerty (ou autre) dans ton ordi.
Résultat, je n’ai pas eu besoin d’apprendre le qwerty suisse même si j’utilise un clavier suisse et je tape comme si je tapais sur un azerty.
Pour info, j’ai appris sur un qwerty anglophone.

En fait, j’ai aucun probleme avec QWERTY, c’est les signes specifiques aux differentes langues qui me posent probleme. Alors, pour l’instant soi je les ignore soi je dois frapper ALT + les chiffres qui correspondent. C’est tres chiant d’ecrire en espagnol (ou portugais, ou allemand) comme ca (et c’est tres bizarre le francais sans les accents ou les cedilles, comme tu vois…) 😛


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