Posted on: Viernes 4 enero 2008

Almost forgot to say, although I started it a while ago: my next sewing project is a sort of kimono (M4007).

I’ve got the fabric (a nice dark blue black, all cotton, with tiny green stripes), too cool for winter but probably nice enough for traveling south in the Spring. I’ve done the cuttings for the top already, the long sleeves one (I’m making the ensemble that is pictured in the middle).


4 comentarios to "Kimono"

Hi, my NH is Kei-chan from Japan!
I found your blog serching by a word “kimono” in english language.
I found your blog is very interesting coz written in multi-language, and its based on Spanish. I also know how to read, write spanish!


il a l’air sympa cete ensemble, joli et confortable.

>NH: Welcome! I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but I can’t read Japanese characters… There must be a difference between Japanese and Chinese kimonos, no? Because the one I’m sewing together is definitely not Japanese! 😉Sandrine: Ouaip, je pourrais dire qu'”élégance et comfort” et mon moto à moi! haha

[…] so proud of myself, I finished the top of my ensemble yesterday evening. It’s the first top I make myself… and my fourth project […]


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