Cat Time!

Posted on: Viernes 16 noviembre 2007

My mum has always had a strong dislike for cats. No. I should say: she has always hated cats…

Now, each time she starts talking about something that she knows I don’t want to talk about, I start telling her how wonderful our cat is! Malok-the-Cat, Malok-the-funny-Cat, Malok-the-crazy-Cat, etc.

Of course, I won’t tell her that he sometimes steps on his dung and doesn’t lick his fur (and asshole) very well, after all he’s only a one-year-old kitten… Nor that he cries murder when we give him a bath! (You should hear him howl!)

I’m afraid one of this days a neighbor is going to call the Humane Society to rescue our poor maltreated stinking cat… 😉

Me – By the way, I know you don’t like cats, but Malok is so much fun! He just came running, looked at me intensely and ran away as suddenly as he came! ha ha!
Mum – (…) What did you call him?
Me – Malok, it kind of sounds like “meow“, you know…
Mum – Well that sounds like a Muslim name, for a future pastor’s cat it’s kind of strange…
Me – (Whatever. She likes to imagine D as a pastor only when it can be turned against us) We invented the name.
Mum – … some Christian name like Michel…
Me – Uh yeah, or “minou” (French equivalent for kitty). Right. Very original. 🙄


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Bonne continuation !


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