Posted on: Sábado 27 octubre 2007

Last weekend I accompanied D’s choir to a concert in Dashwood, Ontario, which is a village in the middle of nowhere the countryside, about 4 hours drive from here.

When darling had told me, a month ago, that there would be an outing and “would I like to go?” I’d said yes, because I generally don’t want to be left alone on a weekend, and because I never refuse an excuse to see a new place. Anyhow, last week was a shitty week (D got his bike stolen) and once Saturday came along, I would have rather stayed in bed… But I’d said I would go, so I went, and I’m glad I did.

I’m not a big fan of long drives, but the van that was rented by the seminary was quite comfy. D and I were in the back making noises each time we passed cars (OK, I was the one making noises and crashing on one side or another like a wave!) 😉

Along fields and fields…

We arrived just in time for supper all the village in the “event hall” where all the village was going to hear the guys sing (it’s a men choir). The food was excellent: scalloped potatoes, mashed turnip, ham, and other things I can’t remember, and pie for dessert (a choice of blueberry, apples, pumpkin, lemon, or raisin). Mmmh.

Then it was turn for the guys to sing.

Singing after eating is generally hard because of the food that takes so much space in the stomach, it’s hard to breath deep. Add to it 4-5 hours of traveling, no warm up, and an out-of-tune piano… The result was, shall we say, far from perfect.

Oh well, they did much better the day after during the service at church.

By the end of the evening, we still didn’t know what was our sleeping arrangements. I was the only wife that had come to accompany her husband.

Morning view of the lake Huron.

What a pleasant surprise when the pastor came to tell us that his secretary was lending her cottage which was by the lake! There was room for a couple and 3 guys. So we went with friends… After getting there we had a walk on the beach, where we had fun stargazing. In the morning we did it again, darling and I. Peace and quiet.


1 Response to "Dashwood"

Beautiful pictures. The trip sounds lovely. 🙂 Also, I love long trips and seeing new places. To me there is nothing like driving down an empty highway and watching the sun rise and the day begin.


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