Stupid spoilers

Posted on: Miércoles 8 agosto 2007

I’ve been wanting to write this post since… oh wait, yes, since the last Harry Potter came out. Why? Because there are some brainless people out there who don’t like what is popular (it must be a “genre”). So they take a mean pleasure to destroy the pleasure of others.

Spoilers are stupid. Spoilers are mean. BUT the stupidest of spoilers are the ones who might not even have read the book, but repeat what other spoilers have written. There are some blogs I’ve taken off my blogroll for this reason. Sorry guys you’ve done a great flop in my estimation.

I could have been like all other HP fans and waited on line to buy the book when it came out, you might say. Like they did to avoid reading spoilers (which I had the chance to do), I could have spend the week end closed in in my apartment, not listening to the radio, not ready the papers, not reading blogs… But I thought I would somehow navigate through those sinners… *sigh*

For my little story, I have the whole collection in paperback edition. So I will wait until it comes out (in a couple of months). I will probably enjoy the book anyway because of the way it’s written, not because I know who’s dying and who’s not. (Obviously)


4 comentarios to "Stupid spoilers"

Yeah, seriously, what a bunch of losers. They’re being stupid and mean for the sake of being stupid and mean. I don’t see the point.

I’ve never actually read any Harry Potter books. Or seen any of the movies. I think I’m one of the last people on the planet that can say that. 🙂

Alicia: I’m speechless. ; )


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