Summer siesta

Posted on: Jueves 2 agosto 2007

Yes, I did finish my dress. No, I didn't screw up. And yes, I will post a picture. 🙂
I didn't have time or the motivation to post lately, and it's not because I was on vacation, I didn't have any. I am still going at the office everyday but almost not teaching in the evening, so my schedule has been a little bit slower. All my students (except one) took off during the summer and I really don't mind because it gives me free evenings to cook, read and sew. I wish I could say "and blog", but it's not the case, I'm going through a phase of "internet withdrawal". Let say that I'm so much in front of the screen the whole day at work, that when I go home I don't to spend too much time in front of it anymore.
My dad is visiting this week-end. He is on his way back from France to Nigeria where he has another working contract. I was surprised he would come to see us so early after his last visit. I am glad he is, although I don't know what's going on. I think he should rest when he is not working. I would think that this is what he should do during his month off work; stay in the south of France where my brother and aunt (his sister) live.
Our Russian friends (and our Goddaughter) left on Tuesday. Artem has been called to be a pastor in a small town somewhere in Alberta. We are happy for them, they will finally settle somewhere after having moved, what, five times in the past one year and a half?! Last time we saw them, though, on Sunday night, Yulia and I wept in each others arms. "I'll miss you", I said, and I couldn't say anything else.

2 comentarios to "Summer siesta"

Ton titre me fait penser à un reportage que je viens de voir aux infos: à Reims, un parc a été aménagé par des artistes pour proposer hamacs, chaises longues, et divers coins de sieste en plein air… et ça a l’air bien sympa !

Oh c’est peut etre sympa pour se balancer dans le hamac, mais comme a moi il me faut le silence absolu pour m’endormir, je ne risque pas d’y faire un p’tit tour! (et disons aussi que traverser l’Atlantique pour me prelasser dans un parc avec des chaises longues n’est pas trop dans mon budjet! he he!) 🙂


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