Singer Featherweight

Posted on: Lunes 16 julio 2007

My new mystery friend is a vintage sewing machine: a 1951 Singer Featherweight.

Before we married, D was renting a room at a lady’s home. When he was moving out to live with his bride (me! ~Do you see the little hearts here!~ LOL), he got it almost free from the landlady! 🙂

After a little online research, I’ve discovered that not only it is a very good quality machine “we don’t make them like it anymore” (I could have said as much), but it is also “the semi-precious jewel of the sewing machine world“!

My precious is a limited edition because it has the Centennial seal, marking the 100th anniversary of the Singer Manufacturing Co (1851-1951). Talk about a bargain!

It is very basic, sewing only a straight stitch, but since I am only a beginner I’ll try my hand with it first. I’ll figure out later if I need a new machine with more options.

I’ve been dreaming of sewing my own clothes for a long time. My problem with store-bought clothes being that 1) I have problems finding pants or skirt that aren’t to tight on my hips and aren’t too big on my waist, 2) I might like the design but not the fabric, 3) I might like the fabric but not the design. Enough reasons to learn how to do it myself.

*Note* My very first project is a dress… from the 50’s!
(Butterick says it’s “very easy”… We’ll see!)


9 comentarios to "Singer Featherweight"

My, you’re ambitious aren’t you? That machine is beautiful, but you’ll likely find that a single line stitch won’t hold too well in some instances.

Well, I think people must have been doing stuff with the same sewing machine in the 50’s, no?

I love your new friend! She’s gorgeous!
I think you’ll be set with this machine for a while. Anything she can’t do, you can do by hand. Have fun! 🙂

True. I sometimes just like to do the zig-zaggy stitch because otherwise it sometimes unravels, but then I’m NOT a very experienced sewer so I’m probably just screwing it up somehow.

The dress is so easy to sew, you’ll have fun! and the pattern is exquisite. The double bias tape is the only thing that takes a little time but overall the dress is a piece of cake! Good for a first project. And your sewing machine is beautiful. Have fun and thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Hope to see pics of the dress.

>Sonja: I knew you’d like it somehow! (How do you know it’s a she?) 😉
>Alicia Lyn: So far so good… I think I did a good choice as the pattern does call for the zig-zaggy option! Yeay!
>Lore: I’m having so much fun! But I might still change my mind ~ I haven’t done the bias tape yet!

Lore, I can’t access to you profile and can’t remember which one was your blog!

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