Magiker Drama

Posted on: Jueves 21 junio 2007

Ever since I started working (my first jobs were “summer jobs”), during the summer I’ve had the habit of telling myself that, yes I am working to put money aside for next year when I will be traveling to *insert Germany, Italy or France*… but I am also looking forward to buy myself this special thing at the end of so much hard work 🙂 One year it was a nice pair of shoes, the other an elegant raincoat… You get the idea.

What about this year? If you have been following me since the winter, you might remember that thanks to Lily-the-bunny, who by the way is very happy in her new home and completely forgotten me, we bought a new bookcase from Ikea with doors in the lower section to protect my music from the non-forgiving bites of the rabbit.

It looks crooked, but it’s the perspective. 🙂

It’s in the living room and I like it so much that I was thinking that it would be great to buy the side table
or the coffee table from the same collection.
The Magiker collection.
So I checked on the website.

What’s wrong? I can’t find any item from this collection! Could it be?! Argh! It seems that the entire collection is discontinued!

How lucky can I be? WHAT SHOULD I DOOO!!! Maybe I’ll find it on Ebay or something?


1 Response to "Magiker Drama"

I’m in the same boat when I went to Ikea yesterday. (Sorry to just jump out of the shadows and post, but I’m trying to furnish my home with something beautiful).

Just found out that they have discontinued that line about a month or two months ago and have replaced it with some line called Besta.

I was saving up to buy a cabinet/hutch combo and now they’re gone!

Your best bet would be to visit craigslists or other online auction/for sale lists. I was able to find several Magikar coffee tables in my area.

Good luck!



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