Good Bye Lily!

Posted on: Jueves 21 junio 2007

Having a pet is a big decision.

Before getting a bunny from the store, I read many sites about how to take care of a bunny, if one could have one in an appartment, etc. I knew there would be some inconvenients, but then having an animal, being in a relationship or not, being an expat or not, all has inconvenients. If so many people had a bunny, a real one, why not me?

First, she started chewing on cables. The computer microphone’s cable, D fixed it. The internet cable, D fixed it. The electric thermometre in the kitchen, he still hasn’t fixed it. I would laugh, he would call her “the pest”. I started worring when she got a liking for my digital piano’s cable. That’s less funny.

Then, she somehow got stuck behind the fridge and had a bleeding ear! Oh my, I couldn’t think what would be next. Would she die electrocuted while eating a power cable? Shit.


You can see the little cut on her left ear -and Malok watching- eheh

Something eventualy had to be done, but I didn’t want to! She is my first pet! A cute bunny with big ears!

Friday morning, we realized that the phone was dead. No tone. Was it the answering machine? The phone itself? The line? No.
Lily had cut the wire of the answering machine.
Since D is looking for a summer job, I was afraid someone might have called him while we weren’t home, fortunatly one of us had always been inside the day before…

A rabbit doesn’t belong inside. Unless you have your home entirely rabbitproofed.

I called Sophia, the mum of a student, who is living in the countryside and was thinking of having rabbits in a shed for the kids. They have three small homeschooled kids and are foster parents as well. To my relief after discussing my proposition with her husband, she told me that they would take Lily back home with them after the music lesson Thursday.

I am a little sad, but at the same time I think Lily will be much happier in the country, eating grass and dandelions. 🙂

6 comentarios to "Good Bye Lily!"

How sad! It sounds like it’ll be better for all involved (people, bunnies, and cables).
I had to give my bunny away, too. *sigh*

Yes, I wish we were living in a house with a garden, in a nice mediteranean weather. *sigh* 😉

Ouf, en lisant le titre je m’attendais pire! Ça doit quand-même être dur pour toi, bon courage…

Que pena Noelia! mas é melhor para a Lily viver em um lugar mais espaçoso. Coelhos não são animais domésticos mesmo, infelizmente, porque eles são lindos.
Quando meus pais criavam coelhos, eu tentei várias vezes transformar um deles em pet, mas nunca consegui. Os melhores pets são mesmo gatos e cachorros, com vantagem para os gatos que são limpos e não fazem barulho.
Agora o Malok deve estar completamente feliz!

J’ai eu peur moi aussi en lisant le titre!
Mais tout est pour le mieux!

> JvH: Mince alors, dans ma tête le titre me faisait penser au film mi-comique allemand “Good Bye Lenine!”. Je crois qu’il n’y a que moi qui ai trouvé ça drôle! (ça sera pas la première fois! haha)

> Lucia: agora Malok nao va ter mais ningem con quem brincar! 😉

> Jo Ann: Ben oui, c’est ce que je me dis aussi. 🙂


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