More snow and stuff

Posted on: Martes 27 febrero 2007

My office job starts every morning at 9:00 during week days (I’m lucky enough to have my week-ends completely off: no office, no teaching). It’s only 10 minutes away by car, 15-20 minutes with the bike (not a nice way though, busy road with lots of crazy cars and stupid trucks), or 1 hour walking (only tried once).

This morning I got out of the house half an hour earlier to start the car and brush off the snow. The parking lot behind our building wasn’t cleaned. After a good 15 minutes, I get behind the wheel to finally leave for work, but the wheels of the car are stuck in the snow! Sh*t, I’m gonna be late. Get out again, shovel more ice/dirt from behind the front wheels, doesn’t work! Ok, what’s next? Think, think… Salt! The landlord always leaves a bucket of salt beside the back door. I go get some salt that I through behind both front tires. Still stuck. I can’t wait, I’m late already! Go back inside, call the job to inform that I will be late because I have no choice but to take the bike, “OK, that’s fine” says Jo.

Good thing my bike has been staying inside for the past month, I won’t have my butt all wet today (when the bike sleeps outside and the bike seat is humid, I feel my butt wet the whole day, not nice). Surprise, surprise… What do I see then? The back wheel is completely flat! Oh no, and where is the pump? (Usually that’s D’s job) Think, think, think… Oh yeah, in the car’s trunk! (because it’s closer to the bikes in normal time). So I get back outside, take the pump in my hands and think that it would be worth trying one more time to see if I could drive to work instead of fighting with the pump, the flat tire, my bike in the snow… One last chance, pleeease, could the salt have reacted by now? Yeees it worked!



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