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Posted on: Sábado 29 abril 2006

A couple of weeks ago, I had to do a research about Alexina Louie (a Canadian composer of Chinese descents) for the last music history lesson of the year. I was reading interesting articles one after the other, then stumbled upon the program of master classes which were given by the composer to “talented young composers” last summer in Ottawa. What a surprise to find among them one of my friend, David A., who use to study with me in college (and the first year of University)!! We use compare our theory homeworks and experiment with the sounds of a piano.

Hope he is happy.

Later about the same week, Marylise, a long time estranged friend (but not forgotten) found my email and wrote me! She apparently googled my name and found me via internet. I am wondering if after a laps of 10 years it is common to contact estranged friends. Once in a while I remember about someone with whom I’ve crossed paths and type his/her name on a search engine to see what comes up. In the last year only I’ve contacted/been contacted by so many friends (mainly French). It’s fabulous.

Yesterday at the studio I had 2 new students. The first one was a surprise, I hadn’t got the message that he was starting with me that day. Anyway, it was fun. He is chinese, from Beijing, and just arrive in Canada. His mum was sitting with us while he was having his first piano lesson. I think he learn a couple of words in English such as “right hand, left hand, together, repeat”… 😉 And the bonus for me is that I will probably learn a bit of Chinese too!! (I recognized the word “left” after hearing her repeating it many times).
At the end of the lesson I had time in between student to discuss with the mum and Mrs. H, another Chinese mother of 3 who is also friend of the first one. She was joking with me: “Ha! You speak 5 languages, but not Chinese!”, “not yet”, I answered.



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