Posted on: Domingo 9 abril 2006

Wednesday we’ve spend the day in Toronto. Busy, busy…

First of all I was glad to go away for a day. I think I needed to be off from my usual jobs, even if one day is not what one can call a holiday, I needed to cut myself from my daily routine and breath a different air. Look from a different perspective.

Around 8 this morning, we caught a bus from St-Cat to Toronto, which was suppose to arrive in 1 1/2 hours but arrive at least half hour late due to traffic jam a the city entrance. I was so exited to be there that we got off the bus at the first stop, not the terminus, which was kinda stupid ‘cuz we had to look like tourists (well, that’s what we were!) and looked around, lost, for at least 15 minutes before finding the subway to go to the Consulate. Fortunately our appointment was at 11am, therefore although waisting time and acting like a desperate (why didn’t I wait a couple of minutes more in the bus until we got to the terminal?), we managed to arrive in advance for our appointment at the French Consulate! Go figure!

Good news is that we’ve done all what we could do today: I’m registered at the Consulate, they will ask for a file transfer from Montreal (couldn’t they have done it before?), AND I asked for a renewal of my carte nationale d’identité (the French identity card) which didn’t really need to be renewed (they are valid 10 years), but I still had the old paper model and now they are all high tech mega magnetic o. I remember looking at my friends’ identity card with envy when we were in Italy in 2002. Plus, I also wanted it to show my husband’s name.

The weather was not so nice: cold and gray. It snowed for a while, but it didn’t stay. So after doing all what we had to do at the French Consulate, we decided to go eat something and have a walk… That’s finally what we did the whole day: walk, walk, walk. We entered in a music store and looked at the digital pianos they had in display (we’ll need to buy one when our friends will be back from Europe). I wanted to take pictures of the official buildings, but it turned out that they were repairing the entrance of the most interesting ones: the Royal Conservatory of Music, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the … I don’t remember what was that … the court hall? We’ll have to go back in 2 months to pick up my French card at the Consulate, so I guess the odds to have a nice weather in June are higher!! Besides, we haven’t been in top of the CN tower the other day, it wasn’t worth paying the ticket to go on top and see gray sky.

However, we did visit the ROM. We hesitated at the entrance seeing the price of the tickets ($15 per person), but at the end I’m glad that we did go. A couple of pictures which were taken inside are posted on flickr. D spent maybe half hour watching the medieval armors, I particularly enjoy the collection of art déco, art nouveau furniture. I often think that I would have been well at ease in the years 1920, 1930’s: I find the music from those years was superb (Debussy, Stravinsky, big band jazz, tango…) and the furniture of great quality and yet stylish! Today all it seems is that we find either one or the other. If you buy something with a nice design, it’s not meant to last. Or maybe I’m just saying that because we are not rich enough to buy good and pretty and expensive furniture! (let’s say that we are also waiting to be settled somewhere to spend money on things for the house, I’m just eager to know where & when)…

At the end of the day I was so tired, we’d walked so much! I had lost the habit of walking so much in a city. Even the day after I felt my leg muscles all tensed and tired, but it was a good tiredness. (is that a word?) It didn’t stop me to bike to the office!

I’m in such a good shape! ha ha! It amazes me to realize that the more I exercise the more I have energy, but the more I’m physically tired also (?). I don’t know if it makes sense, I’ll have to ask D: he is the scientific guy in house!!


2 comentarios to "Toronto"

aaah..sounds like you had a great day!
We are planning on going to Toronto..hopefully this summer 🙂

Maybe you could come up with a best-of list..things we shouldn’t miss?!
would be great!

Love your blog ! 😉


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