Oh! Canada…

Posted on: Sábado 25 marzo 2006

It seems that Saturday is the only day that I get the leisure of writing in this blog. I like reading in other people’s blogs though, I enjoy discovering what’s going on in other people’s lives: what they are thinking and what’s going on in the city/country where they live. The problem with me is that:

There is nothing going on in this town. The only recreation we have when we don’t work is either going to the mall/shopping center, go to the movies, or rent movies. Ah, and I almost forgot, although it’s my only favorite thing, spend hours at the Public Library (the only free stuff to do). And risk your life to have a biking trip. Well, what I mean is that it’s boring because I’d like to have the option to walk, walk, walk (in a nice place), or go to a cheap (but nice) concert (“classical”-type concert, not “bar”-like one), or visit a museum. The great news is that I have an appointment at the French Consulate in Toronto for the 5th of April, meaning that I’m taking a day off from work, office & students, to go visit the city! Yeay! (it’s only one hour and a half away with the bus, and a little less than $30 per person, two-ways… Once I’ll have done it for the first time, it might give me the idea of doing it more!) 😉

My life is too hectic to write about. I don’t have time this days to sit down and observe, meditate about what going on. That’s gonna get a bit better: next week is my last at the OC. The week after, I will officially be starting driving lessons on the evenings when I use to teach (Tuesday & Thursday).

At the moment I don’t like Canada enough to be enthusiastic about it: Ah! The culture and sense of honor of the Europeans!… ha ha, I never thought I would ever say that one day.



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