Posted on: Jueves 2 marzo 2006


It’s Thursday evening, 19:20, and I’m home! It you don’t get my euphoria, it’s because usually at that time I’m teaching until 20:30 but today I decided that enough was enough. Despite the snow and being tired (hey it’s winter, I need more natural light…), after working from 9am to 3pm at the office, I showed up at 4pm at the f*ing studio as I was suppose to for a new student. When I got there *surprise!* the said student had called to inform me that she wasn’t coming. Again, this is a serious lack of communication from the school which should have left me a message at home. The next new student didn’t show up, and the 3 next ones were not coming… Does it make sense to wait 2 hours, not being paid, for maybe teaching 3 students at the end? I don’t think so.

So I called hubby, who was 100% supportive, to pick me up. I called the remaining 3 students and informed them that I wasn’t going to teach today.

I was planning in staying at least until the summer break, but I can’t stand it anymore. Besides, I have so many things to do (the 2 other jobs, plus the driving lessons) that my teaching job is suppose to be something fun at the end of the day, and it has become more a waste of time than a rewarding experience in my schedule…

When I got home I wrote my resignation letter that I will hand over on Tuesday next week. I give them a month to find someone else. Enough is enough.

In case you haven’t noticed, I really like the site Answers.com which gives you definitions of words, but also the translation of that word in many languages! Btw, euphoria is a really nice sounding word, I find, like pholyphony, voluptuous and Constantinople (there is no voluntary links between these words).



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