Posted on: Sábado 25 febrero 2006

D and I decided ourselves. We will be moving to Strasbourg, France!!! YEAY!

We are far from having a foot in the plane though: we need to put looots of money aside and finish all that is half started here. I still have to pass my driver’s license, which by the way is recognized from Ontario to France 🙂 , also I am finally going to do that diploma to be able to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL). That might always be useful, in case we have the chance to go work in a country where I wouldn’t be able to teach music (Russia or somewhere in Asia, for example).

We are still hoping that D will be studying protestant theology full-time and become a pastor one day. Unfortunately, men have decided that the academics are more important than the calling of God for our lives… The only choice that we would have in Canada would be either to pay a fortune for D to finish his bachelor’s degree, or wait until he can enter the seminary as a “mature student” at 31. He is 27 now, so instead of waiting 3 years in the snow, or spending a fortune in studies that won’t make any difference (except at the eyes of some vain men), AND with nothing in the week-ends beside the movies… We’ll put that money aside to go live in France.

Strasbourg is at the frontier of France and Germany. Yeah Yeah Yeepee Yeah, I’ll have the chance to speak German again!! Amelie, here I come! 😉

I am also assembling all the documents to apply for the French nationality by declaration of marriage (for him). Oh là là que de démarches! So many papers to ask everywhere! I don’t mind the French bureaucracy, it’s a lot of work but at least I know that it’s organized. I know that I will get what I’m asking for at the end. They ask for a dozen of different papers, but they normally won’t be contradicting themselves from an office to another (I remember of bad experience in Buenos-Aires with my mum and brother, more than 15 years ago, when we had to renew our Argentinian passports… what a mess).

I’ve already dreamed about Strasbourg here and there, and about TEFL too.


3 comentarios to "Scoop!"

Madre mía, cuantos planes!
Espero que todo os salga perfecto, la burocracia es un incordio pero con un poquito de paciencia se soluciona todo, lo más importante (el amor y las ganas) ya lo tienes

Back to Europe! 😀
I keep my fingers crossed that things work out for you!

>Gracias Julieta, así pienso yo también. Aúnque tengo generalmente mucha pacienceia, a veces me gustaria que la cosas vayan más rápido! (y por lo que sea del dinero, sabemos que es siempre más fácil de gastarlo que de trabajar…hehe)

>Danke sehr, Sigrid 😉 Endlich werde ich in der nähe von Deutschland wohnen! Toll!


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