Posted on: Miércoles 1 febrero 2006

Haaa!… Today it’s Wednesday! I’m very happy and awaken! This morning I worked at the office, then D came to pick me up, we did a couple of errands, had lunch and then… I had a nap! Yeehah! Teaching T at home was so fun after that, I had my whole mind working as it should. I’m feeling like myself again.
The first friend I’m describing today, is a very special person to me, as unique as anyone I meet! 🙂

Marilo is, I think, the oldest friend with whom I am still in contact. She is a French Korean adopted, and we were neighbors while growing up. I almost said “we grew up in the same street”, but somehow it doesn’t sound right LOL

When her parents and brother moved in the street, my parents invited them to have an apéritif in our garden. While the grown-ups were introducing themselves and drinking a pastis, the kids were playing together and drinking sirop à la grenadine. Marilo was the same age as my brother Lionel, maybe 6, I two years older, and her brother Seb a couple of years older than me.

Through the years we’ve had lots of fun together, going to the swimming-pool during hot summer days, to the library in rainy days… We spent innumerable hours playing in each other’s garden, eating plums from our tree, cherries from hers.

We also liked to sing. Sometimes we would meet in the square in the middle of the street, where there were 2 benches and trees, and we would start to improvise a melody on random words that came to our minds. I remember a summer afternoon when we had nothing better to do that sing at the top of our lungs, most of our neighbors beside ourselves were elderly people and one of them shouted at us to shut up because “some people are trying to have a nap here!”. ah ah, we still laugh at this today.

By the time we were teenagers we had become a little gang of neighbors of about the same age: my brother and I, Marilo(Mimie for me), Marie and Jean-Marc. I don’t know what has become of the 2 other ones though, we had kept in touch through letters during my first year in Canada, then as years passed our lives took different paths on each side of the Atlantic…

But from Mimie, I’ve learned through emails that in 2001 she had found an internship in the offices of a French company in Seoul (Korea). That year she spent a couple of months living and working in her “birth land” (since I think she considers France as “homeland”). After some research and the help of the adopting agency, she also met her biological family: grandmother, mother and siblings! She told me all this in details when we saw each other 2002 when I was touring Europe.

Now that I’m thinking about studying ESL, she is actually studying to become an English teacher in France!



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