What’s your name?

Posted on: Miércoles 18 enero 2006

My parents wanted to call me Ifigenia. Original it is, but if you are not familiar with Greek mythology (and I don’t know anyone who is), then you kind of go, “Ifi…what?”. Noelia is already hard for Anglos, and even French people need to repeat it many times at first. Many need also an explanation about where does the name come from, how come it’s a Spanish name, but has French roots and all… So each time I meet a new person I get lots of questions. It might have been worst with Iphigenia (note the different spelling), but no problem with a common name such as Maria (my second name), Anne (too short), Julie (so many around me)…

Yeah, I don’t mind being different.

In my teen years, I was kind of cultivating my uniqueness. I never really cared about what people thought of me, in fact I just didn’t see any judgment around me. Then I realized that there is no need of cultivating any uniqueness since we are all, each, and everyone unique in essence, spirit and body (I don’t know what I’m writing but it sounds good, let me go on).

D and I were talking with our friends Sunday. They are from Venezuela, might be 10 years older than we are, have a 10 year old boy named D too, and a “brand new” baby since one year. Ok, he is not “new”, but he is still “small”! And very funny by the way, he is always laughing, nobody knows at what most of the time. The day of his birth, instead of crying when he came out of his mother’s belly as most babies do, he was laughing!

Anyway. D and I talked a lot with those friends, and about a lot of things… And then they asked us (again) when we are planing to have kids. We have been married 3 years, and that question has been hanging around us since then. 🙄

Well, of course we have thought about it, and of course we want to have kids one day, but not just yet. We’d like to do so many things before that. D has to (1) finish his studies, (2) be ordained pastor, (3) serve the Lord full-time. Before getting to point 3, there are many years were I’m the one working to earn money for us both. If I find free time, I’d like to (1) study ESL, (2) maybe get some kind of translation qualification, (3) take flamenco lessons!

And also TRAVEL. I’d like to visit my in-laws in Brazil, go to Europe with D to show him the places I know (London, Paris, Toulouse, Carcassonne, Roma, Hamburg, Berlin), discover together the other places I haven’t been to (Venice, Vienna, Köln, Prague, St-Petersburg).

Unfortunately, I don’t think we will have enough time and money to do all this before I get 30. In my head 30 is kind of the deadline for having our first child. The problem is that earlier we would be in a financial mess, after I might be too tired to deal patiently with crying, diapers to change, and not sleeping for nights! Well, I guess I’m just not ready. When it will be time I’m sure I’ll be delighted to do all that! I’ll be singing lovely lullabies, baking, cleaning, doing all the things one cannot do in the house, if one has to work full-time.

The plan is that all this joy will happen when D is working. Que será, será…


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Don’t worry about when, if at least you have all what you need in order to do it.

I don’t think that you should consider a deadline; the age is not so important, only the desire of being mother/father 🙂 And also, you are very young, and there is still time.

I also don’t know when i will be father, but surely I will do it when my wife tells me that she’s ready 😛


PD: Sorry, my level of english is not very “accurate”


I think I agree with you. It happened so many times… for example, I was thinking of doing many many things before getting married. And finally when the time came, when I had met the one meant for me, then the other things became unimportant!

So I guess what I can conclude with this post is that although I am eager to become a mum, I’m not ready yet. =)

E’ talmente emozionante non sapere come e quando… anche se le incertezze a volte ci rubano il sonno, ma cosa sarebbe la vita senza di loro?
Comunque, quando arriverá il momento lo saprai, credo che dentro a ogni donna ci sia una piccola luce che si accende al momento giusto.

E poi perchè dovremo privarci di ciò che vogliamo se possiamo avere tutto al suo dovuto tempo?

Io penso che ancora devi fare tanto prima di avere dei bambini!

Non capisco perchè la gente pensa che una si sposi solo ed esclusivamente per procreare, con tutte le cose che ci sono da fare, da imparare e vedere…


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