another week

Posted on: Domingo 15 enero 2006

The past week has been crazy-busy… I was tired the whole time, and it seemed to me that not only at the office, but in the music schools too, it was busier than usual. Of course, it’s maybe because it was the first “normal” full week after the holidays, but I couldn’t see the end of it!

This week Friday evening, I also got 3 new voice students! Which meant that my day (and week) finished later than it used to. I enjoy very much teaching singing (I think more than piano, or theory, or history -even if I like these subjects too), but at the end I was extremely tired and had to make a big effort to think of was I was saying…

Anyway, I also decided (together with D) that even if we stay here next year I will quit the other school, the one that is so disorganized that no one calls me when I have a student absent, AND doesn’t make sure I have a CD player in my room, instead I have to go beg for one and make a tour of the other rooms every frickin’ time! In a sense, I am sad about leaving because of the students that are serious and those that I’ve been teaching for 2 years, but I can’t stay there if I want to keep my sanity. They are too irresponsible and pay me peanuts. So yeah, at the end of July when they take their 3-weeks annual break, I’ll tell them what I think. Then bye bye and of course the students that want to stay with me won’t be refused at home.

On the other hand, I don’t know what I should wish for… I’d like us to move to France, but is it going to be better there? Only God knows, that I know. So I pray that He let us know of what is best for us. I’m so impatient.

Well, that’s starting to get long for someone who didn’t know what to write about! We have to leave for church now, otherwise we will be late… After the service we are invited at some friend’s house for lunch. I baked a lemon pie yesterday to bring for dessert and we will be having a lasagna that we’ll prepare together. Mmmmm! I’ll take the camera too, but might forget to use it.




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