Here and There

Posted on: Sábado 7 enero 2006

I was talking with A yesterday at the school. She is the girl at the reception who has been in Japan and likes the life over there so much that she is studying ESL to be an English teacher, and move there for good. It’s so fun to talk to her, and I think she is as excited to speak with me. We exchange our stories about travels, the different cultures, and how different life can be in a place or another. The strange thing is that although we are all humans, all with different and complex feelings, at the end the reality that we make for ourselves is all false or only partially true.

For example, she was telling me how “un-cool” it is for Japaneses people to be tanned (not that they have skin for it, I suppose), and today I’ve read in Aurélie’s blog that blond Norwegians do all they can to have UV on their skin (and burn themselves)… Crazy people, should learn to like themselves the way they are.

I’m saying this, but it’s all part of human nature to be constantly unsatisfied. Look at me, I’ve always told myself that if I didn’t have my frizzy puffy hair, but strait instead, I’d cut it short au carré with bangs and wear even longer hearings than I usually do. Ha!

Also, (nothing to do with hairstyling) I’m never happy with where I am. I think I have the travel bug. At moments I want to go away, in another country, learn another language (a strange one with a different alphabet for a complete change… Something really different), but sometimes I’m really eager to settle down; find a nice little house with a big garden, old trees, have kids, educate them… What a freak I am!


4 comentarios to "Here and There"

First of all: Belated Happy New Year to you!

you know, i think you are so right abt how people often don’t like what they have. There is this example of Indian friends of mine who try everything to have a lighter skin tone..and us European, burning ourselves in the summer sun! Or the same with the hair..as u already mentioned
BTW..got my hair all red yesterday 🙂 LOVE IT 🙂

Abt traveling and settling down:
I tend to joke around that I do have a split personality there: On the one hand, getting married, settling down, have kids sounds like a good future plan, on the other hand, it’s the most scariest idea ever! I guess, it’s somehow a matter of time..I mean, looking at my life right now, everything is changing every day..and still so many plans, so many places to see..things that are much harder to do when having kids

Seeing that you have the same feelings makes me feel more ‘normal’

to the future! and all the possibilities waiting there for us 🙂

Uff! I really thought I had to do therapy! 😉

Cuanta razón tienes, Noelia, nunca estamos conformes con lo que tenemos.
Tú quieres ver montañas y yo que tengo montañas lo que quiero ver es el mar!

Es como un virus esto de querer ver sitios nuevos, conocer nuevas lenguas y nuevas culturas, viajar! No hay nada más adictivo 🙂

(perdona si los commentarios te los escribo en castellano… mi inglés es pésimo…)

Giulietta, mi piace se tu mi scrivi en spagnolo, cosí posso dirti cose que nessuno possia capire! In italiano va bene anche… perché è cosí una bella lingua!


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