Posted on: Miércoles 4 enero 2006

I know, I’m a bit late for the season, and soon I should be writing about la galette des rois, but since I’m eating the last of my Pfefferkuchen (mini German glazed Gingerbreads that I bought in supermarket before Christmas), it’s today or… next year!

Did you know that in every language (at least the ones that I know), gingerbread has a different name?

Of course, in English gingerbread is because it’s suppose to have ginger as one of the ingredient. In French we call it pain d’épices which means bead with spices (ginger is always there, together with cinnamon, ground cloves and nutmeg–and sometimes aniseed) In the French recipe, we replace molasses by honey, which I prefer by far (unfortunately honey is expensive in Canada and not as tasty as in the other countries). In Germany it’s called Pfefferkuchen, which literally means pepper bread… I’ve read somewhere that there are people who do add mustard or pepper in there! Echt Lecker! I’m being ironic (saying “really good” in German), but then I’ve never tried that… oh well.

So, do you want my personal recipe? (oops, it’s in French)

– 250 g de miel (sometimes I do half honey/half brown sugar)
– 10 cl de lait chaud
– 100 g de beurre fondu
– 200 g de farine
– 1/2 sachet de levure
– 50 g de cassonade
– 2 oeufs
– sel
– cannelle, gingembre, clou de girofle, noix de muscade…(I like to add vanilla to all my recipes)
– noix, noisettes, amandes, noix de coco, écorces d’oranges à volonté (I usually don’t add nuts, but I like to put a hand full of dried raisins and/or cherries)

Préparation :
Délayer le miel, le sucre et le beurre dans le lait chaud.
Puis ajouter la farine graduellement en mélangeant pour éviter les grumeaux.
Incorporer alors la levure, les oeufs et une pincée de sel.

Ajouter les épices et les noix (ou les raisins, cerises, fruits confits) à votre goût.

Faire cuire dans un moule à cake (ou à pain) environ 1 heure à feu moyen (moi, je met toujours la même température pour tous les trucs).

MIAM c’est bon! Yummy, do you like it?



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