Happy New Year!

Posted on: Domingo 1 enero 2006

First for the picture update in my profile, it’s not really me, it’s only Mafalda, but I was told while growing up that we looked alike… thanks 😛

New Year’s eve was very nice for us. This week we discovered that there is a shop “Los Amigos” that sells Latin American goodies, here in St-Cat. So we came back with a couple of delicious eatable treasures: mate for me to drink (it’s too sour for D), 2x1kg jars of dulce de leche (Gandara is my favorite brand), 1 jar of dulce de batata, and 4 packs of frozen dough to make empanadas.

Empanadas are my favorite Argentinean specialties. I say this in plural because there are so many ways of preparing them. They are sort of turnovers (but not really) stuffed with salty stuff… i.e: ham/cheese, or ground meat (viande hachée), or humita (corn), or bacon/plum/mozzarella… There’s lots of different options. So as our New Year’s Eve menu, I baked 20 empanadas with 2 different stuffing (ground meat, and the bacon/plum/mozzarella which is my aunt’s specialty) and for dessert a flan, D’s favorite. Yummy!

While digesting, we watched a scary movie (only slightly kidding!): The Nightmare before Christmas. The animation is nicely done, but oh boy, it must the horror movie of children’s movies! =)

When the movie was finished it was only 10pm… What the heck are we going to do ‘till midnight? D reminded me that I had mentioned previously to go see the fireworks in Niagara-Falls… What a great idea! The temperature wasn’t too cold, and there was still fresh snow from previously in the day. Of course a lot of people screaming and whistling =) Christmas lightings were beautiful: decorating the streets and illuminating the falls. My only regret is that I forgot to bring the camera…

See, I remember to take pictures of what we had to eat, but I forget about it when we step out of the house… 🙄

Happy New Year 2006!
Bonne Année!
Un muy feliz y propero año nuevo 2006!


6 comentarios to "Happy New Year!"

Hey Noelia – sorry about the mix-up.

I was editing the post a little.

Now it’s back up, along with your comment. Thank-you!

Happy New Year! Feliz Ano Nuevo.


You are all forgiven =)

Ca devait être magnifique en effet, je n’ai vu jamais les chutes du Niagara mais ça doit déjà être assez impressionnant en temps normal, donc avec les feux d’artifices ça devait être sublime.

Dis ils ont l’air bon tes empanadas !

Espero que el 2006 te traiga muchíiiiiisimas cosas buenas, feliz año nuevo! 🙂

Rien à voir mais j’adore ce melange de langues sur ton blog !!!
(même si je comprend pas un traître mot d’espagnol)–>

>Aurélie: En fait, les chutes m’ont assez déçues la première fois que je les ai vues… Disons qu’à l’origine entourée de nature sauvage elles devaient être surprenantes, mais maintenant avec tout le cirque autour et les tours à hotels, elles font riquiqui à côté!!>Giulietta: ¡Gracias para los deseos! Todo lo mejor para vosotros tambien… El Señor les bendiga.


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