Sony’s Jelly Bean

Posted on: Lunes 26 diciembre 2005

That was my surprise for Christmas. I wouldn’t have thought of it by myself since it took me an eternity, a couple of years ago, to decide myself in buying the portable CD player, which I still have and works very well thank you. It was very nice to be able to listen to music during my travels through Europe though (specially while waiting for a train, a plane or a long commuting). I’ve never got stolen, but I heard horror stories about travelers who had their whole Cd collection disappearing… That was one of the reasons I didn’t want anything fancy, but hey, don’t ask me to leave home for more than 2 months with no mean to listen to MUSICA. Impossible.

Ok, so let me introduce this tiny, shiny (for now), jelly bean of Network Walkman by Sony. Mine is “Coconut White”, but there is also Licorice Black, Tropical Ice Blue and Cotton Candy Pink!

  • The design I find more interesting than the squared Ipod.
  • The program to transfer the music from my Cds to The Bean is quite easy to use (hey, if I can, everyone can!).
  • No more worries about buying and carrying batteries when traveling: The Bean has up to 50 hours of battery life, and charges fast.
  • Memory of 1GB (it means about 695 songs…)
  • All this can hold in my hand! Ach, technology is amazing! (I almost said magic again… ooops!) heehee =)


D will have his lazer surgery soon. No more eye glasses for him!


3 comentarios to "Sony’s Jelly Bean"

cool gift! we have a sculpture in downtown chicago that looks just like it. only a little bit bigger.

Ach, technology is amazing! (I almost said magic again… ooops!) heehee =

Arthur Clarke, the famous science fiction writer, said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. So it is magic!

Cadiz> Yeah, I gnew that the design of my “bean” was stylish! =)
Rhub> Queen said it too: “it’s a kind of magic!”


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